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Unlocking the Obama puzzle

By Charles E. Wissenbach, Pinesdale

President Obama is like a superbly capable, super competitive ball player who inexplicably keeps running the ball in the wrong direction.

Because of the mega-media’s assistance in blacking out his past, it has been most puzzling.

Some have speculated that he must have been born outside the U.S.A. Others guess that he must secretly be a Muslin or Communist because his actions are so different from what one would expect of anyone who was raised as a patriotic American.

Why does he rule by means of suspicious characters called czars and bypass Congress through violations of the Constitution, executive orders and waivers of laws? Why are his economic programs so counter productive and even bizarre?

Finally, an Indian immigrant who has internalized the American worldview has taken an investigative camera around the world on the back trail of Barack Hussein Obama II, and broken through the secrecy of the blackout.

Obama grew up in lands where dictators are heroes and constitutional government is considered an impediment to totalitarian socialism.

His honor roll of mentors and role models include: a white communist, radical mother; an ardent anti-colonialist black father; Frank Marshall Davis, sexually sensational and a dangerous Communist; Weather Underground bomber Bill Ayers; revolutionary Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”; radical Harvard College professor Derrick Bell; racist Pastor Jeremiah “God Damn America” Wright; Palestinian-in-exile Edward Said, etc.

Now, we have facts with which we may start solving the puzzle. It turns out that during Obama’s formative years he was raised in a terrible environment that was almost totally anti-American. After that he was schooled in what some term Chicago Gangster Politics. It’s as if he was programmed to fail as an American President. Only his superb political skills, eloquence, and the art of deception enable him to survive.

Even so, most Americans can sense that something is seriously wrong.

The Indian with the investigative camera is Dinesh D’Souza. The resulting box office smash of a film is titled, “2016: Obama’sAmerica.”

Watching it is the only way voters are going to be able to follow the admonition, “Get to know the candidates,” for Obama won’t help them and neither will the mega-media.

Do we dare vote blindly, taking a gamble in a hope for change? No! Let’s vote with a view toward making the choice that is best calculated to save America from disgrace and ruin.

For the sake of family and country–see the film 2016, investigate and enter the polls as a fully informed voter.

Hint: If any can’t see the film, googling on the internet “D’Souza Interviews” is informative.


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