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The truth about oil


Several years ago a friend of mine, Rhoda Cargill from Troy, MT, told me about a book recommended by her father, a scientist at Argonne Laboratories. a Chicago scientific research center highly respected world-wide for its studies in the field of energy. The book is entitled, “Deep Hot Biosphere, The Myth of Fossil Fuels” by Thomas Gold, Ph.D., which explains scientifically how oil could be constantly forming within the bowels of the earth which contains an abundance of carbon (available from the Kalispell library). Dr. Gold, who died in 2004, was well known for his biospheric and geophysics scientific research.
Rhoda indicated the lack of logic in the term “fossil” used in relation to organic fuels, saying, “If all the dinosaurs in the world had traveled to Saudi Arabia to die, they could not have produced the amount of oil that has been extracted there.” Could this be the first theory popularly used for political and economic purposes comparable to current man-caused “global warming” now referred to as “climate change”? Climatic changes have been occurring since the origins of the earth. Through all of this Al Gore and cohorts constructed a scheme of carbon exchanges designed to manipulate and manage global economies, entire industries and major policies claiming protection of the environment. This being fed to a naïve public while carbon is the basic foundation of all organic materials on earth, both plant and animal including humans, and devoid of scientific proof that CO2 levels impact earth temperatures. In fact historic data indicates the contrary.
Could this not also explain misrepresentations of the British Petroleum catastrophic oil fiasco in the Gulf of Mexico after performing “deep well” drilling? There has never been a complete explanation of the “deep drilling” which produced excessive pressures that blew up equipment controls. It is a misleading term conjuring in the public mind, “deep water drilling.” Never explicitly revealed was the depth beyond reaching the bottom of gulf waters, through the earth crust and beyond. This could likely have been a first for this depth of drilling into the earth, performed under water. It constituted highly risky experimentation, with potential of inadequate mechanical control devices to handle unknown levels of extreme internal earth pressures. In certain parts of the world the earth crust is thin as in Yellowstone Park where fountains of steam and bubbling hot water occur throughout the entire region. This could also be true of the surface beneath the waters of the Gulf. Imagine trying to create valves capable of controlling “Old Faithful” in Yellowstone National Park.
The hurricane level storm that formed over Florida and the oil-producing Gulf of Mexico just may be more representative than we realize of the “global storm” now brewing in the oil industry should there be exposure of energy source concepts provided by Jerome Corsi, Ph.D, in his new book, “The Great Oil Conspiracy.” This could lead to an economic upheaval throughout the entire world if scientific findings have been researched, confirmed, but concealed for political or economic reasons (see article below). The quest for oil and its marketing has been the cause of most wars and rules the economy of the world. Petroleum industries may be due for major pricing adjustments and operational changes worldwide.
Environmentalists beware. Gone with the wind may be the huge governmental investments in uneconomic alternative energy nonsense such as wind machines and attacks on hydro-power dams concocted to bankrupt this country and drive us into socialism. Perhaps the new Tropical Storm Isaac, over the gulf coinciding with the Republican Convention, has been appropriately named after the Argonne National Laboratory Director, Eric Isaacs. It is here that extensive scientific studies have been conducted for years related to the hypothesis of abiogenic petroleum origin.  Is all of this by coincidence or by “plan” at a superior level?  In any event the timing is impeccable for exposure of a major ”conspiracy” – not a theory. Also prophetic was Dr. Jerome Corsi’s previous book, “The Obama Nation” which hit the market just prior to the last presidential election.
Clarice Ryan

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