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Response to Keele


Once again, I am compelled to respond to Van P. Keele’s left wing political blather published on opinion pages of Ravalli County newspapers recently. I generally agree with much of Keele’s opening paragraph wherein he says , “You’ve got to hand it to Mitt Romney and fellow Republicans. They’re bold, in your face, and generally honest about their vision for America.” However, unlike Obama, they are not in your face, but are honest. Then Keele goes on to say that the average Bitterrooter should judge the Romney/Ryan ticket for themselves. Well, the average Bitterrooter is much unlike Keele or his ilk – they are conservative in their political views, as demonstrated in recent elections rejecting liberals and liberal causes!
In Keele’s second paragraph, he specifies that under Ryan’s budget plan, Romney would have paid less than 1% in taxes last year. I challenge Keele to provide one shred of believable evidence supporting that statement. Keele is typical of many liberals who make outlandish statements often, often enough that some liberals will eventually accept those outlandish statements as factual! Keele continues, saying that the Tax Policy Center, a joint venture of two left wing think tanks (now that is a real misnomer) – the Urban Institute and the Brookings Institution, makes the illogical estimate that the Ryan budget would add $4.5 trillion to the deficit over 10 years. That’s nothing, in real life, Obama will better that in just four years. Unlike Keele’s suggestion, we don’t get his suggested picture on taxes! However, those on the dole do get Keele’s picture – but remember they don’t pay taxes so they aren’t left holding the bag!
Keele’s discussion on Medicare is a laugher. The discussion that seniors, on average, will have to pay an additional $6,000 in extra costs per year has no basis in fact and is a figment of liberal propaganda! It is fact that Obama will rob over $700 billion from Medicare to pay for Obamacare – with its reduced coverage for seniors! Rational senior citizens are disgusted with the eventuality that Obamacare will require significant board approvals to get significantly needed healthcare. Americans are still learning how bad Obamacare will be! Chief Supreme Court Justice Roberts should be thanked for forcing us to elect more conservatives so that Obamacare can be repealed!
Next, Keele suggests that the Ryan budget is not responsive to needy liberals! Yes, there are needy people, but recognize that America is approaching a fiscal cliff that may not be averted if not dealt with very soon as the Congressional Budget Office suggests. Now is not the time to dumb down! It is past time to face reality! This is where Keele and his ilk have absolutely no lick of common fiscal sense. Can anything set off their alarm such that they may wake up and recognize that Obama has us very near this disastrous fiscal cliff!
The average Bitterrooter cannot be swayed by liberal Keele blather. We will vote to oust Obama, Tester, and others spending borrowed money. Intelligent voters in all American counties will do so in November! Conservatism is snowballing and will win in a landslide!
Jerry Haslip


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