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The New Nazi Party


In 1938, Austria was conned by Adolph Hitler into believing that if you voted for the National Socialist Party to run your country every problem would be solved. In 2008, our country got another con-job. It was called “Hope and Change.” Like Austria 70 years ago, and America almost four years ago, we were handed a pig in a poke.

Here’s what happened to Austria back then: Hitler gave “equal rights” to women. They were taken out of their homes and put into the labor force. Education was nationalized; no private, parochial, or charter schools allowed. Churches were closed. Sunday became National Youth Day: two hours of political indoctrination, and then sports. Society lived without religion. Unwed mothers were glorified for having babies for Hitler. He restructured the family through daycare. The state raised a whole generation of children. Health care and small business suffered under government controls. Tax rates went up 80%. “Consumer protection” was enacted, and free enterprise was abolished. “Mercy killing” was begun to get rid of the defective population. (It’s called euthanasia.) Next was gun registration. (Their weapons were reduced to broom handles and pitch forks). Finally, freedom of speech was eliminated.

Now let’s observe 2008-2012 in America:

(It’s called creeping gradualism.)

• The feminists were handed abortion “rights” by the Supreme Court in 1973. Now the Progressives have gone bonkers on the so-called “War on Women.”

• Or educational system was twisted into a nationalized form by the education heretic John Dewey in the 1920s and further pushed into anarchy by Carter’s pet National Education Association.

• There is rapidly growing animosity toward anything “Christian.” The present administration wants to force on us moral relativism against our wills.

• Shacking up continues to increase. There is a national scandal revealing that 50% of black females do not have a husband present in the household. Planned Parenthood covers up sexual predators who impregnate under age girls. (When will the indictments begin?)

• Government regulations are strangling the present health care systems and small businesses.

• Oregon and other states have put into law so-called “Death with Dignity (eugenics).

• Secretary of State Clinton will be signing a U.N pact that will authorize gun registration (disarmament) for all U.S. citizens.

My conclusion: We’re living under a new Nazi regime!

Bruce King


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  1. Jack Frost
    August 15, 2012 | 10:42 am

    Then please move if your country has so digressed!

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