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Liberals create despair


There are too many people on the dole in too many solidly blue American states. A conservative’s chances of getting the electoral college majority in those solidly blue states are two, slim and none. That is a very distressing reality! Liberals enact legislation and endorse actions ensuring more people will become government dependents. More states then turn blue. The trend appears irreversible. Responsible, working Americans must soon say enough is enough! Americans must now elect a fiscally responsible president and a majority of fiscally responsible legislators. That is a factual necessity for America to survive and is an indisputable reality for any thinking American!

I can understand people on the dole continuing to vote for those who put them there! I can understand that workers are tired of supporting people on the dole. However, it is incomprehensible that intelligent Americans do not understand that irresponsible spending is ruining our country! That must to be mind boggling to anyone concerned about the financial stability of our country.
Your choice in November should be obvious if you are a responsibly thinking American! If you want far, far more despair – vote for liberals! If you want to better our future, vote for the alternative! I will vote to better the future for all Americans- and that includes those on the dole!
Jerry Haslip


One Response to Liberals create despair
  1. Howard
    August 17, 2012 | 8:17 pm

    This guy is living in a dream world where the evil blue state people are sitting around collecting welfare, while the righteous red staters work and pay their taxes to support the country. This is exactly the opposite of what’s really going on. The truth is, of the top 10 states that receive more in federal benefits than they pay in federal taxes, 8 are red states. Additionally, the percentage of people on welfare, babies born to unwed mothers, numbers of abortions per capita, and people receiving food stamps are all higher, on average, in red states compared to blue states. These are facts, please look them up.

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