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Response to LaCroix


This is written in response to “Extreme ties that bind.” Once again LaCroix is looking for vampires and boogiemen in mirrors ready to jump out that aren’t there.
Jeff Burrows is a good man who believes in the Constitution and doing what is right for our county. I belong to what you refer to as survivalists, really a preparedness group where we learn to live once we no longer have modern conveniences. Yes, we did learn to make cheese, dehydrate food, raise gardens, can food to name a few things and we DON’T advocate shooting anyone. Jeff does oversee a blog, but doesn’t have control over everything people write. I will tell you this: the blog doesn’t ask anyone from anywhere to come to the Bitterroot to prove they are not cowards. The blog is there to write tips on preparedness and people write some great tips, like how to make shelters or grow herbs. Boy, that is dangerous!
I know Jeff and he doesn’t want to shoot anyone, only a few deer in hunting season. He and others only wanted to make sure that our local police would enforce their right to protect the citizens if federal agents came into this county unwelcome. How terrible to want to be protected. Jeff does believe in the 2nd Amendment it is our right and all LaCroix wants is to make it sound like it is unconstitutional. How sad when people like him want to take away others rights.
I guess LaCroix does not remember me writing the explanation of the fringe on the flag so I’ll do it again. Eisenhower wrote Executive Order No. 10824 signed August 21, 1959, that stated a military flag is a flag that resembles the flag of the Untied States except it has a yellow fringe bordered on three sides. This flag has no Constitution, no laws, and no rules of court. Gee, and you wonder why they did not want that flag. It seems that conservative values bug the life out of you for some reason. It is sad you can’t see we want government of the people, by the people, and for the people, not government running people with socialistic ideas that destroy the fabric of this county.
Dee Gibney


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