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Support for Bullock

Is running your air conditioner this summer too expensive? Is your electric bill cutting into your business profits? Ask former Congressman Hill (1997-2001) how he felt about his Republican friends deregulating energy in Montana back in the good old days when we had cheap, regulated electricity prices. Today you have an outrageously high electric bill because in 1997, Governor Racicot believed Enron’s hype and strongly supported deregulating electricity in Montana. After 1997, electricity prices shot through the roof, bankrupting companies and causing financial hardship for families across Montana. Ask Rick Hill what happened to Montana Power Company after deregulation? (Hint: It doesn’t exist anymore. Neither do its good jobs and dividend checks.)
In hard times such as these, the last thing that citizens need is a governor who only listens to the wealthy and well-connected. What we need in Montana is another governor who will govern for all Montanans regardless of their personal wealth. Steve Bullock’s record as Attorney General speaks for itself. He’s defended ranchers and farmers against railroads, protected homeowners against illegally foreclosing Wall Street banks, and most recently fought in the U.S. Supreme Court to keep our elections clean and fair.
Steve Bullock has fought for you and me in the past and he will do it again as Governor. His opponent won’t. If you think twice about turning on your air conditioner this summer, think about what is at stake for you and your family in the upcoming election in November and then vote for Steve Bullock for Governor.
Mary Catherine Dunphy
Miles City

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