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New atmosphere at Stevi Council meeting

By Dan DePauw, Stevensville

After a lengthy absence from attending Stevensville Town Council meetings, I was pleasantly surprised when I attended the July 12th meeting that it was no longer a “he said, she said, finger-pointing, pin the tail on the donkey” atmosphere. Not only was the meeting literate and articulate, it was… cordial. The community first has to realize the amount of “damage control” that is necessary after the previous administration’s neglect and ineptness. In regards to the “water issue”, the community must also realize the these were not rates that the Mayor and Council wanted, but were required, in order to qualify for funding and bonds. The current rates are a figure that was required… not requested. As Mayor Mim Mack stated recently, we are a community that is the oldest in Montana, but must look to the future to survive. As much as I am against regulation, sometimes it is required in order for a community to survive. At least this Mayor, and this Council, are making a sensible effort. Don’t ‘shoot’ the Mayor and the Town Council… They are only the… “messenger.”
I am honored to have such a person as Gene Mim Mack represent the Town of Stevensville.

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  1. Lisa
    August 2, 2012 | 5:40 pm

    Thank GOODNESS! Maybe now thing will start to get cleaned of the ‘good ole boy’ attitude of running things and back to some HONOR! Thank you Mayor Mim Mack.

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