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I regret I was wrong. Two paid officers, 7 reserves, 3 Sheriff, and at least 1 State trooper, and a DUI task force. I am well aware of how the reserve system is set up. My ex-husband was one. It was his free ticket into the Sheriff’s department. ie:  He didn’t have to go to Sheriff School because he went to the free reserve classes. And yes, we had to pay for all of his uniforms, dry cleaning, guns, etc. When the department needed a hand they called the reserves, and the reserves got paid. The reserves are also officers, which means they are duly sworn to uphold the law same as any other officer, paid or not. Which now adds up to 9 officers in Stevensville, 3 Sheriffs and State patrol.

Despite the distraction, the water is the main issue. Water that people were led to believe was going to be cheaper and has risen, considerably. Water is a necessity. That means that, without it, you would DIE. If the recession has hit so hard that residents can’t afford to pay the lower of the high water bills… what makes you think that they can pay them now that they are twice or three times as high?

Averages are a group of numbers added together and then divided by the number of original numbers, leaving an average. Not two averages. I am guessing one is residential and one commercial, either way, when you make the base rate 3x lower than the lowest of the averages that is rape. That is purposely and maliciously harming people, and threatening to turn off the water when the temperatures are about to skyrocket is blackmail and cruel. It is wrong on so many levels. It is wrong because you know they can’t afford the 9,000 gallons, or you wouldn’t be sending out shut off notices. It is wrong because while the people of Stevensville are struggling, you still have water, and food, and a job. You have a job because your paycheck is guaranteed. Your paycheck is guaranteed because you are paid by the state, or town. It is wrong because there’s a fancy new sidewalk and a water bill.

The town can’t trim any more corners. The town can barely buy their own food, and the food bank makes us sign a form under penalty of perjury, blah, blah blah. Why? According to them:  The state is making a database. Tracking people at the food bank? Why? Because we receive food from the state to give to you. But you told me it was church charity… not any more… When you take money from the devil you were bought, if your offended, fix it and do the right thing. Because I didn’t see you getting food at the food bank… and you can still pay for water.

In regards to Mrs. Caps. If the shoe fit be offended. I have a great respect for law enforcement. My ex-husband is a Sheriff and I am proud to say, he thought he could change the world, same reason I am sure a lot of persons go into law enforcement, the other half have a power trip. It’s not unusual, it happens at every workplace across America every day. Stevensville, however, does not have a crime report to report, which usually indicates a low crime rate and a need for fewer officers, not more. Things that require more officers are things like high crime rates, violent crimes, rapes, drive-by shootings, robbery, terrorists threats. Being raised in this beloved piece of paradise I am offended that someone in this town feels so unsafe as to need that many officers. Many of Stevensville’s citizens are armed and respect our officers, their jobs, and their neighbors, as well as our constitution and wouldn’t hesitate to do the right thing, no uniform needed.

Kim French


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