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Response to French

I have to respond to the letter by Kim French published on June 27, 2012. Ms. French is very misinformed on some of the topics that “disgust” her. Let me set her straight on a few points.

First, the town of Stevensville has two paid officers, not three. These two officers without overtime are on duty 80 hours in a week of 168 hours, who is covering the rest?

Second, yes, there are four new reserve officers, but Ms. French does not understand that these new four (plus the other reserve officers), are UNPAID…zip, zero, zilch, nada for their service to the citizens of Stevensville, hence the word “reserve.” They get NO pay, NO benefits, NO health insurance AND they put their lives on the line every shift.

Third, these reserve officers have put in over 200 hours of their personal time, after their regular jobs, evenings and weekends over about six months, to get the training necessary to be qualified for this dangerous job, FOR FREE. Then they have to put in 200 more hours with a field training officer before going on the streets of Stevensville on their own, again UNPAID.

Lastly, Ms. French, do you know that all of these reserve officers (not the people of Stevensville), have paid for their own equipment – guns, uniforms, handcuffs, badges, ancillary equipment and their bullet proof vests! Do you have any idea of the cost? How about per reserve officer, this has totaled over $2500 of their family’s money.

Let’s recap: they have put in their time for training, bought their own equipment, given up time with their families to accept unpaid shifts, all to protect you and your family.

So, Ms. French, where is the “rape” of the residents of Stevensville? Appeal what? That there are some civic minded citizens that are willing to VOLUNTEER? I think you should be writing a new letter, apologizing to all the reserve officers and also to their families, and thanking them for their service to your community.
Mrs. Ron Capps, proud wife of a new Stevensville Reserve Officer

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