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Protecting royal herds?

To avoid confusion as to who paid for the recent two-page Big Game Forever (BGF) ad in the Ravalli Republic, let’s start with the fact that hunters in Montana have been able to hunt primarily because of our state’s adherence to what’s been known since Teddy Roosevelt’s time as the North American Model of Wildlife Management. All of us, in other words, rich or poor, have the same opportunities to hunt big game. That’s because under our democratic management model, wildlife is a public resource, not private property that can be owned by rich individuals or sold to the highest bidder. Privatized wildlife was part of the elitist system used by European monarchs. The King’s deer? The American Revolution? Remember?
Don Peay is founder of Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife (SFW), which is BGF’s umbrella group. Mr. Peay made news in Alaska when he proclaimed the North American Model of Wildlife Management “socialism” and advocated for the privatizing of public herds by giving large landowners special permits to sell to the highest bidder. Six weeks after this bizarre proclamation, state Wildlife Director Corey Rossi came under criminal investigation for violating his department’s own hunting rules. It then came out that not only was Rossi SFW’s state president, he was also trying to implement privatizing public herds using SFW’s royal recipe. And who appointed the unqualified Rossi? Then-governor Sarah Palin.
Keith Kubista is SFW’s Montana president and our current extremist commissioners are, in turn, Mr. Kubista’s willing partners in efforts to privatize our public herds to the greatest extent they can. Elitist obfuscation coming from the high-priced likes of BGF/SFW as well as from American Stewards of Liberty, who are currently being paid by our commissioners to aid them in their county supremacy scheme they dub “coordination,” are their self-selected overlords.
It’s quite plain that BGF/SFW is willing to spend big bucks in stoking anti-wolf hysteria in Montana and Ravalli Co. For people who are concerned about slick, high-priced ads bought with out-of-state and even out-of-country money, BGF’s two page full-color ad should make it abundantly clear that our commissioners’ wolf policy and natural resources agendas are being driven by their desire to privatize our public lands and wildlife for the sake of their aristocratic handlers.

For people who are inclined to swallow these royal schemes whole hog, I admit I’d like to cash in on it, too. Therefore I propose that you contact me about a socialist-built bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you.
Bill LaCroix

2 Responses to Protecting royal herds?
  1. Pete Braun
    July 5, 2012 | 4:37 am

    Who do these morons think they are trying to take over our public lands? That land belongs to ALL Americans, not just a select few! We Americans have the right to enjoy these lands however we want to. That includes those who would rather be out in them with a camera rather than a gun or a bow.
    Those of you who don’t like that, well, you know what you can go do.

  2. Marc Cooke
    July 4, 2012 | 10:24 pm

    I am not surprised that Mr. LaCroix “Gets It.” Having done my homework with Peay, Kubista & Montana Sportsman for Fish & Wildlife…. I too came to the same inevitable conclusion. MtSF&W (Mostly Wildlife) is nothing more the a Trojan Horse. They appear to be defending common hunters in the current wolf debacle….when in fact they are laying the ground work to privatize hunting in Montana and elsewhere for the wealthy.
    Regardless of where you stand on the wolf issue. Peay has encouraged individuals to visit their local animal shelter and adopt a dog. Take this dog into the back country and tether it to the ground. Baiting wolves in to protect their territory. After the wolf/wolves have killed the dog the hunter kills the wolf/wolves.
    Tradition in my family was to always hunt in an ethical,fair chase manner. If you kill it you consume it! Peay & Company are the bi product of today’s wealthy, self absorbed, trophy hunting society. IMHO!

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