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‘Outsiders’ shouldn’t be trusted


We seem to have a lot of people crawling out of the Eastern woodwork, swarming our beautiful valley to tell us how to best run our lives.

From pastors to various consultants, I don’t trust their supposed “concern” for our welfare.

Kennedy Smith presenting “Your Town,” which happened be backed by the liberal Marxist National Endowment for the Arts, proposes to know precisely what we need to do to make our lives better. Go home, Kennedy. Leave our home alone.

Joe Geni, from DC, whoever he is, assures us, in our own local paper, that we have nothing to dread from Agenda 21, even as we see a prime example of its implementation invading us at this very moment.

Our City Council had voted down the new flood plan, Wildlife Urban Interface, to prevent its land grabbing features.

Yet FEMA is now coming in with the new map and “helping” us to sell ourselves out at a reduced rate.

If you are under any delusions that FEMA truly does not have our best interests at heart, check out the military TACMARS on the back of our street signs.

I have appreciated Dan Happel from Madison County, coming in to warn us about the teeth of the not so benevolent Agenda 21, however. Heed his warning well. And be aware.

These people are NOT our friends.

They are NOT here to help us.

They ARE here to take control.

Their aim is to take us over.

So don’t let them!

Be aware of their tactics.

Do not be hoodwinked.

If you are a Christian remember:

They are under our feet.

They are “bread” for us.

They have already lost.

And though they present themselves as giants to us, all it takes is one small stone, rightly aimed, to topple them.

For more info on Agenda 21, check out YouTube – UN Agenda 21 PROVEN “Anti-human” by “Expert Witness” Rosa Koire.

Kathy Quinn


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