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Re: Stevi water rates


There are a lot of numbers flying around about water usage, a lot depending on the amount of time one were to take a shower and so forth. I think the city has failed again in supplying the answers by not being very clear. For example, they say average monthly use in town is between 9000 and 17,000 gallons. Obviously that can’t be for the whole town. Which brings up my point: say we all use 9000 gallons per month; why did they set the base rate volume at 3000 gallons? Why not set it at the low average (9000) and start charging for everything over that amount? Every one of my neighbors has a different horror story. Time to go back to the drawing board and do what is right – set a practical number that truly reflects water being used as an average (9000 gallons). When the city mentions water leaks I’m real curious how much we’re all paying for the city system leaking? Solve the problem – raise the average and I’m sure your complaints will go down. 3000 gallons a month is a ridiculous number.

Kirt Weishaar


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