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Outhouse hullabaloo


The current hullabaloo over the Obama Presidential Library Outhouse warrants clarification. I am a firm believer in the saying, “To avoid criticism: say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.”
The idea was conceived solely by the warped mind of the builder. (Life begins at conception.) It has no relationship to any segment of any political party.
The Outhouse appeared at the Memorial Day parade in Corvallis, and was greeted with hearty laughter, smiles, thumbs up and applause. A letter to the editor, disapproving of the Outhouse in that parade, came from one Corvallis couple. It is expected that not everyone is pleased with everything in this world. Driving down the highway brings about 12 to 1 thumbs up to finger waves from passing vehicles.
The Outhouse was created in good fun. It does not disrespect the Office of the President, only the current resident. It does not, in any way, advocate harm to the president, or racism. This is unlike past examples from the other side, that have depicted George W. Bush and Sarah Palin being hanged, and Bush’s severed head on a pike. Disrespectful, vulgar comments from the foul mouths of Bill Maher and Wanda Sykes have aired on national television under the guise of humor.
A Presidential Library is a repository of the things, names, places, actions that were a part of that president’s term in office. Names like Bill Ayres, Van Jones, Jeremiah (God Damn America) Wright, Louis Farrakhan, Tony Rezko, Saul Alinsky. Action like a 2700 page health care bill which was conceived, hurriedly in a back room, not understood and shoved down the public’s throat. Actions like increasing the national debt in a reckless manner. Actions like bowing to a Saudi king and opposing the Keystone pipeline. Actions like returning the bronze of Sir Winston Churchill back to England.
Therefore, liken the Obama Presidential Library to an Outhouse. Both are repositories of the same material. C-R-A-P.
David S. Hurtt

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