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A bunch of crackpots?

In a recent email to fellow commissioners, Commissioner Foss stated the following:
“Our county is currently considered the leader in producing solid policies other counties can emulate, in the past we have been the laughing stock of the state. Personally I prefer to be a leader in county government versus a follower.”
So what are these leaders leading us toward? A crude and overt threat against a president’s life in the form of a bullet-pocked outhouse labeled “Obama Presidential Reading Library” adorned with infantile sexual slurs against the first lady, built by a prominent local Republican and displayed as a Republican float at Corvallis’ Memorial Day Parade? A call to violence with a Shoot, Shovel and Shut-up raffle sponsored by your Ravalli County Republican Central Committee headed by Terry Nelson, a well-paid county employee hired by our commissioners whose main job seems to be promoting anti-government county supremacy/”coordination” schemes such as the “Large Predator Policy” and “Natural Resource Management Policies” and shamelessly choosing his next supervisor?
Please specify, Ms. Foss: Who is leading whom, and who is and who is not laughing at Ravalli County?
All of you Tea Party-ers who claim to be so concerned for the children and for “future generations” please enlighten us: Are bullet-pocked threats against chief executives and other overt calls to violence from your own employees and Republican operatives actually “solid policy” or did you really mean to say “solid waste”?
Apparently you haven’t noticed yet that the tea you’re swimming in is leaking pretty rapidly out of a cracked pot.
Bill LaCroix

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