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‘Bad’ fog

It’s summertime and yet there’s no shortage of fog here in the Valley–particularly, around Stevensville.

After years of living a blue-collar, working-class existence, and after years of watching Missoulian newspaper homosexuals and gays at the University of Montana throw Montana’s workingclass heterosexuals under the bus, I decided to say some long overdue things about Lee Newspapers. I felt that the least I could do would be to show those younger followers in my footsteps exactly what kind of truck it was that hit Montanans back in 1959, when Lee first set up shop in Montana.

Long ago the old Romans had it right: “If you ignore vicious people (nefarios) they only grow more vicious (nefarious). The upshot of my decision to no longer ignore those gay Missoula nefarios was that it provoked a sudden outbreak of scientific pettifoggery in the Stevensville area. I apologize for causing that because there’s already plenty of fog here in the Valley.

A Ms Judy Hoy quickly brought some scientific wrath down upon my transgressions, telling me that because of “hormone disturbing toxins” people are born gay and reproving me for unjustly criticizing them for something they had no control over. Ms Hoy should bring lawyers and judges up to date on that because the law still treats homosexuality as having a psychological basis (choice), not a physical basis (birth).

Ms Hoy, I confess that I find your “hormone disturbing toxins” just so much technical pettifoggery–the concept is so vague and inclusive (general) as to be meaningless. Why, a couple of shots of 100 Proof “Old Tomcat” Whiskey at the local tavern on Saturday night could seriously poison some hormones. Even bad air could fall under “hormone disturbing toxins.”

I know, Ms Hoy, that scientists distrust intuition, yet my intuition tells me that “hormone disturbing toxins” did not produce the conditions that led to the problems in ancient Sodom and Gomorrah; nor did “hormone disturbing toxins” produce the homosexuality that reduced ancient Greece, destroyed the Roman Empire, destroyed the Persian Empire, and destroyed the Ottoman Empire–to name but a few. Here is my own explanation of homosexuality:

My cat is a killer; she destroys life(kills) because she has been programmed by Nature to do so. Keep this in mind.

Most scientists see the Universe as being a blind, aimless machine ceaselessly converting energy into matter and matter into energy–constant change. Because the Universe is the All, nothing can escape it–hence, matter and energy are strictly conserved. That means that the endless change is not chaotic but rather, is regulated–always something must be destroyed (its old form) before something new is created (it assumes a new form).

Now if we apply these ideas to living things (our “Mother Nature”) we see that Nature too, must destroy the old before She can create the new. Hence, Nature has many awesome ways to destroy life–disease, famine, earthquakes, floods, fires, and yes, homosexuality, among others. Whereas, for example, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions destroy parts of the physical environment, homosexuality destroys cultures, societies and civilizations. Like my cat programmed to destroy life, gays too, are programmed to destroy life–that is the sufficient reason for the existence of homosexuals, their sole purpose in life.

I am not a despairing pessimist, Ms Hoy, nor am I a cowardly optimist; rather I am a realist who believes that like it or not certain things in life must be done. Though I know that homosexuals cannot not be destructive, yet something had to be said about the destruction of Montana. Therefore the letter criticizing Lee Newspapers and homosexuals.

Leon Salois


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