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Ugly words not warranted

The letter in the June 6 Bitterroot Star, by Mr. Leon Salois, was extremely disturbing. I agree with him that the Lee Newspapers only prints the news it suits them to print and do their best to cover up important news. But what Mr. Salois said about people who are born different was just plain mean and very close to what was said about certain people prior to World War II. We all know how that turned out.
People who are viewed as being different in some way are often unjustly blamed for other people’s problems, even though there is no connection at all. Loss of job opportunities are because of current supply and demand and greater competition with products produced in other countries. Many people’s monetary problems are because of hospital bills and health care costs. In case Mr. Salois has not noticed, diabetes, cancer and many other serious health problems are epidemic here. Those are very expensive health problems, caused by hormone disrupting toxins in the affected people’s environment. The same hormone disrupting toxins are causing very serious health problems, including developmental malformations in wildlife populations and cause human babies to be born with disrupted development, including disrupted sexual orientation. Politicians, real estate developers and Lee Newspapers have done everything possible to cover up the effects of hormone disrupting chemicals on the people and animals in Montana. At least put the blame where it belongs, Mr. Salois and stop harassing people who have done nothing to deserve your Ug-Lee words.

Judy Hoy


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