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Ravalli County whooping cough infections tapering off


By Michael Howell

After hitting the top of list for the most confirmed cases of whooping cough (aka pertussis) of any county in the state, Public Health Nurse Judy Griffin is cautiously optimistic that the worst may now be behind us. As of Monday, the county had logged 53 confirmed cases; however, only one new case was confirmed in the last two weeks.

At least 18 counties in the state have reported confirmed cases totaling over 200. Flathead County was also hard hit and has now logged 53 confirmed, matching Ravalli County. Twelve cases were confirmed in Missoula County and seven in Lake County.

Griffin said a few weeks ago that a lot of people had been creating a herd resistance to the infection. With only one case confirmed in the last few weeks she is hopeful that the infection is winding down.

She cautioned people to be careful and to seek medical attention if they show signs of the disease which may begin like a common cold but worsens and develops a persistent cough. Whooping cough can be deadly. Although no one has died in the recent outbreak in Montana, several people have been hospitalized.

Montana has seen high numbers of whooping cough before. In 2005 about 600 cases were documented in the state.

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  1. Augie Pellegrini
    July 27, 2012 | 6:31 am

    My daughter moved with me from Hardin to ROCHESTER NY June of 2011 and returned by train leaving on July 6th 2012 back to Hardin.Last year was brutal for myself because I moved into a little trailer in Hardin in Jan.2012 and my daughter was living with her mom at home near by.When spring came my trailer leaked every. Along with the thaw it seemed to rain for over a month.The reservation flooded and left alot people in a bad way.There was standing water everywhere they sent soldiers.My daughter began developing a cough at that time.Big Horn Clinic treated her With antibiotic if I recall correctly.It seemed to persist for a few mths in Rochester than it seemed to be gone but she seemed fatigued.I took her to emergany 2 times and was told it just the flu.She seemed to have good days and bad days.It was fine when she left on the 6th.No one she knows or I have it.As soon as she got back there it got bad.So her mom took her to the doctor july 24 and said it was asthma and prescribed an inhaler without any swabbing or testing to verify giving a drug to a child who doesn t need it. my ex and I after pondering demanded another check up except I had asked my ex to request swab,blood,and chest x-ray.He reluctantly did a swab and prescribed Zithromax.Later A woman came to their home to assess the matter. When spoke to her on the phone I informed that she s been dealing with these symptoms for over a year and if she could help us get some more testing done.I didn t get an answer and my ex told me she sarcastcally said that I must have been on the internet.Is this how the CDC should conduct itself when it has no history or data on my daughter.WHOOPING COUGH according to the CDC is 3wks I think thats my questions and concerns are much greater than the arrogence of an agency that more concerned with protecting themselves. Then protecting my child from harm by assuming that I just some goof who read a couple lines from an unreliable web page.I ve been diligent in various fields in biology,metalurgy,and mechanical engineering for 35 years. The attitude of your institution is predictable and tells me that you don t know enough to help instead you choose to mock and intimidate.God help us all The CDC is a joke maybe someday they might really care you know like god expects

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