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What happened?


I used to look forward to reading your paper and enjoying the letters people wrote. Now, things have changed! Everything is about the political machine and the puppets who are in office or who want the power.

I really hope and pray that someday, we will see that what we call the “United States” is not necessary to our well-being. It was supposed to be of the people, for the people and by the people. Now it is from the people, for the politicians, and by the government.

Will anyone entertain the idea that we are free and that our duty is to love one another? The political machine is the problem, not some politician or policy. Ideas matter. People matter. Freedom matters. Justice matters. Creating a community that functions without coercion and plunder is what we need in order for mankind to flourish and thrive. The technology is here for free energy, the willingness to work survives when money may not. Has anyone thought of starting an alternative “money” system to help those in our community to survive and feed their families?

People already have the solutions in their hands, can we pick up the ball together to build a thriving community with happy neighbors?

Chris Martin


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