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Today’s progressive intellectuals


A government-employed doctor was brought before a House Committee investigating federal propaganda operations. When questioned whether his public speeches presented both sides of the discussion touching compulsory national health insurance the witness replied: “I don’t know what you mean by both sides”! This the state of mind of people who call themselves “progressive intellectuals.” Their propaganda line is that everybody must support every project aiming at more and more government control of all aspects of a citizen’s life and conduct. (They never try to refute objections raised against their doctrines. Rather, they blackball the conservative opposition as dishonest, and worse.)

Beginning at least in the 1960s, there was a massive invasion of the university system by the hippies and radicals blindly committed to Veblian, Marxian and Keynesian fallacies. Therefore, their students were forced to believe there were no tenable objections that could be raised by them against so-called progressive policies.

It is a closed society – with few exceptions no conservatives or free-market professors allowed! Period. Many schools have an astounding ratio of 97% liberals, 3% conservatives. Many textbook companies have bought into this collusion with these schools in selling only left wing propaganda, bound by them. The residual overflow of this effluent dribbles into the high school and elementary school rooms by the politically indoctrinated graduates of colleges of education.

When these people are questioned about their modus operandi they whine about persecution and infringement of “academic freedom.” Talk about hypocrisy.

The conundrum facing advocates of all-round planning, socialism and communism are that they are at wits’ end, do not know haw to advance any plausible argument in favor of their creed, and are utterly at a loss to refute any of the serious objections raised against it. They do know how to scream epithets.

They hate the Constitution because in their perverted view of it: “It’s too restrictive.” And they keep playing the broken record of “Glorious Mother Russia” which has an astonishing record of violations of human rights and the mass murder of fifty plus million people – their own and other ethnic groups. Do they actually believe that the millions that have languished in gulags could have invoked habeas corpus on their tormentors? Fact #2: “Uncle Joe” starved millions of Ukrainians in the 1920s-30s, wiping out the Kulaks? The old dictum still works: “Forewarned in forearmed.”

Bruce King


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