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Support for Fairtax plan


Can’t we all just tell the truth?

There they go, they are at it again. Someone is again saying, “Tax the Rich, Tax the Rich!” In answer Another Someone says “No, don’t Tax the Rich, don’t Tax the Rich!” In response the Rich shovel even more money to Someone. The Rich must know something we don’t. Let’s face it the Politicians (Democrat or Republican) are not going to be first to put a Fair Tax onto the Rich or anyone else, that’s like cutting your own political throat. The current tax system (with its hidden taxation without representation) is their purposeful, misguided hidden power over what they consider “The People.” I say let’s just have a Fairtax system ( & click on FAQs page) for all.

I now hear this repeated every day: “Has a poor man ever given you a job?” My answer is “YES” myself and millions of others (men & women) NOT Rich, have given a man and woman a job. First think of yourself. I myself have started four (4) small businesses with 2 to 5 employees (sold one that is now the largest of that type business in that large city). By our government standards I have never been middle class let alone RICH, but I have also never considered myself POOR ME.

The National FLAT TAX: Google the Millionaire/Billionaire Flat Tax VS Taxpayer Fairtax. As I read all the Pros and Cons there is nothing said about how the Flat Tax plan will Tax even one (1) of the current 50 Million tax dodgers, and it won’t. The Fairtax ( and click on FAQs page) plan brings all into a visible tax system.

Enno Hartman


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  1. Mark Curran
    June 6, 2012 | 1:26 am

    I used to be fooled by Fairtax too — it sounds great. We need a new tax code — on that doesn’t punish those who actually do the work and run the businesses. My family is in the printing business, we are taxed so very high, we pay far more taxes than we make in profit some years, if you consider all social security, property, etc taxes.

    SO I loved Fairtax — just loved it. Then I read the fine print. If you think Fairtax is a simple retail tax, think again. And read their fine print. Really, READ IT. It’s complicated and convoluted, but it’s in there.

    There is not one word in the legislation — NOT ONE WORD — about a retail sales tax to replace other federal taxes. NOT ONE WORD. What is in their fine print are massive “EXPENDITURE TAXES”. All government expenditures are taxed, except education.

    Montana state government, for example, has about 6 billion in EXPENDITURES — but only about 300 million in “retail purchases”. Care to guess how much Fairtax would tax the state government of Montana? Any guess?

    About 1.5 BILLION. That’s right. No, not 64 million in retail sales taxes only, but 1.5 BILLION. Billion with a B.

    Maybe now you see why National Review called Fairtax goofy nonsense. Maybe now you see what President Bush’s Tax panel reviewed Fairtax fine print carefully, and totally rejected the goofy hustle about “expenditure taxes” on all city county and states. That is unconstitutional as it gets. It’s SO goofy, the President’s tax panel simply refused to pretend that revenue could possibly be collected.

    SO President Bush’s tax panel determined that if Fairtax was allowed to tax retail sales only — like they pretend they are anyway — the tax rate would have to be drastically higher than 23%.

    Fairtax got 23% to work by this goofy “expenditure” tax.

    Sure, Fairtax sounds great! And we need a new tax code. But it’s own leader have backed off — it’s been exposed as a fraud — literally a fraud — in sworn testimony to Congress.

    Fairtax won’t tell you about allegations of fraud — given under oath.

    Google Fairtax fraud. Or Fairtax fraudulent calculator. Or email me. We need a new tax code, we don’t need goofy hustles.

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