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More in response to LaCroix


In response to Mr. Bill LaCroix’s letter which appeared in the April 25, 2012 issue of the Bitterroot Star:

1. I normally do not dignify ad hominem comments/letters (attacking one’s opponent rather than dealing with the subject under discussion) by a direct response.

2. Clearly Mr. LaCroix’s comments are beyond reason regarding extremist views (Posse Comitatus), wanting dirty air and water, and a “blue-print for a communist one-world government” etc.

3. At the meeting referred to by Mr. LaCroix, he was asked three times to speak louder so as to facilitate the on-going discussion. Mr. LaCroix responded by angrily stating “listen to the tape if you want to know what I’ve said.” Hardly a positive approach to an exchange of ideas.

4. Finally, on April 24, 2012 a well known news caster on national news stated the “Left demonizes it opponents to promote its agenda and discredit opponents.” This is the approach used by Mr. LaCroix.

V.A. Ciliberti


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