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Focus on the negative

Questions below highlight negative things in our world today:
1. Why are far too many people unemployed in the USA?
2. Why is our economy on the brink of disaster?
3. Why can’t our government control spending?
4. Why can’t our Senate pass a budget?
5. Why is our defense budget going south?
6. Why is the USA no longer a leader in the free world?
7. Why are gasoline prices out of control?
8. Why is USA inflation out of control?
9. Why does the USA not have a truly realistic energy policy minimizing our dependence on foreign oil?
10. Why does the EPA have un-bridled controls?
11. Why should our government impose new taxes likely impeding new business growth?
12. Why does the administration want to follow European socialistic mistakes?, and
13. Why are we looking forward to November?
The answer to all of these question is – Obama’s shortcomings. Disagreeing people are truly short of brain cells!
Jerry Haslip


One Response to Focus on the negative
  1. Jack
    June 7, 2012 | 10:11 am

    How much simpler life would be if ALL our problems could be attributed to a single source! There are multiple and complex reasons for each of the concerns noted above. Sounds like one more disgruntled and angry individual believing (incredibly) that if President Obama is out of office, that ALL the nation’s problems will magically disappear. REALLY!? Think Jerry!

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