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Whether you know her as “Maureen Draper Presswood” or simply as “Mo”, she is running for Ravalli County Clerk of District Court. She is more than just a name and you should know who she is before you vote. You should also know who she is running against. Be informed. I am writing this letter so that you might know “Mo” a little better.

I will admit that I am her friend, and have been for many years; I am proud of that. She has never given me cause to question her loyalty or her integrity; I can’t say that about many folks. She is honest and forthright and is a hard worker. I have worked with her in and out of the office; she puts her all into whatever it is she is doing and doesn’t do anything half way! She is a strong parent and has raised two strong children who are assets to our community.

Maureen believes that the office of Clerk of District Court is one that should be taken seriously as it holds many confidential documents for Ravalli County citizens. Maureen believes that privacy should be protected and upheld with dignity and respect. She is a taxpayer, like the rest of us, and knows that tax increases are hard to take in today’s economy; she will work to stay within, or reduce the office budget to keep her office from adding to the financial burden.

During this campaign, Maureen has continually chosen to disengage from office politics; has not used county time or resources to campaign; has followed all campaign laws, rules, and guidelines; has always asked permission prior to placing campaign signs; as well as using common courtesy when approaching landowners and the public in general. Maureen has opted to use kindness and honesty hoping that experience and enthusiasm for her work will show and the voters in this county will see that she truly cares about serving her community. While she freely admits that she is “less than perfect” and respects her opponents experience, she also believes that her 20 continuous years of service in the Clerk of Court’s office puts her in a rare position to know how best to serve Ravalli County.

With the June 5th primary closing in quickly, I just wanted Ravalli County to know that I believe that the best person for the office of Clerk of District Court is the person who has been serving us there for the past 20 years – Maureen Draper Presswood. Vote Mo!

Kristin Sims


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