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Recent financial reports of our Public Service Commission candidates draws a bright line between them. Chris Griel had five donors (one was PSC Chairman Travis Kavulla). Chris did not raise enough to cover the cost of filing.

Sen. Bob Lake had 45 donors. The largest was himself. PSC Chairman Travis Kavulla also donated to Bob Lake. One third of the donors were entrenched politicians or lobbyists with interests before the Public Service Commission. Some were politicians who are related to lobbyists.

Most of the legislators voted with Bob Lake supporting the new eminent domain bill that allows the taking of property for wind projects that do not serve Montana but rather are built to receive tax subsidy payments. The largest donor in this category was Van Jamison who manages Gaelectric; an Irish wind power development corporation. Their smallest project may soon tie into NorthWestern Enegy and Bonneville Power Authority lines for delivery to Oregon and California. BPA will pay them to not generate – plus their tax payer subsidy, at the current rates, will be about $200,000,000.

Jim Pearson has raised about $5,000 and has self funded since he will not accept money from lobbyists that can bring a case before the Commission he will represent you on.

The choice is yours.

Jan Gofourth


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