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Problem at Stevensville School


I have been a resident in this town for almost 28 years. I went to school here in Stevi, and graduated from Job Corps. It has recently come to my attention from a lot of people that Stevensville School seems to support bullying. The stoners are allowed to push around the other students as they please. The teachers do nothing at all about it. The “white Montana hicks” are allowed to bully the other diversity in our school, and it’s allowed. Do you parents want to send your child to a school that supports hate crimes? I went to about three months of tenth grade in Stevensville before I signed up for Job Corps. I wasn’t into sports and all the school does, just a regular kid going to school, and going home. For some reason, no matter how many 90 percents or 100 percents I got, my grade never got above a B… But the jocks could skip most the day of school and they ALL seemed to have above a 3.7 grade point average. The so called “sports stars” were allowed to do as they pleased and to bully myself, and others, with absolutely no consequences.

I just pulled my 10 year old daughter out of Stevensville school to home school her, because the councilor told her it’s not ok for children to talk to their parents and tell them what’s wrong. No one ever has the right to tell a child something like that. I have two more children that will be starting school in the next year or two, and they will NOT be attending Stevensville School.

I close my letter at this: Stevensville School, you need to grow up and stop allowing hate crimes to go on in your school. Stop making minority students feel like they don’t belong. Because I was one of them.

Jacob Smith


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