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As the Treasurer election a couple years ago showed, “down ballot” offices like Clerk of Court are important. Any time someone has a case pending (criminal, civil, divorce, probate, you name it) all of that paperwork runs through the clerk’s office. If it is not processed correctly (and quickly) the system shuts down. Debbie Harmon is retiring as Clerk of Court and two long-time deputies are running to succeed her. Both are qualified, but I support Paige Allen Trautwein, and here’s why.

I spend a lot of time in the Clerk’s office — an occupational hazard as an attorney — and I often see Paige helping people. She’s polite, knowledgeable, attentive, and understanding. People often walk in confused and walk out knowing what’s going on and confident that it got done right. Paige is terrific at figuring out what they need, whether they have all the right forms and information, and just generally great at helping people feel less overwhelmed.

I have talked to her about ways to improve the office, both for attorneys and the general public, and she’s always been receptive and polite—even if just to explain why my idea won’t work! In addition to being a long time clerk here, she has been a clerk of court in other offices, and has gained valuable experience into different ways to do things. There are ways to improve the office to make it better and more accessible for the public, and I know that Paige is capable and committed to doing that. That’s why I support Paige Allen Trautwein for Clerk of Court, and I hope you will, too.

Alex Beal, Esq.


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