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Support for Florence levy


As a former Florence Carlton School (FCS) Trustee, I want to address misleading information by Richard Paris about FCS and the levy.

With more than 551 students and 30 teachers, state law requires FCS have a full-time superintendent. Darby falls below those levels. The FCS Board will reduce a principal to half time next year. This cut will happen regardless of the levy outcome. The Board recognizes times are tough and is stretching budget dollars in every way.

The FCS superintendent’s base salary for this school year is $88,905, plus insurance and other benefits. This package is in line with Class B schools statewide. The Montana School Boards Association reports the average base salary for a Class B superintendent in 2009-2010 was $84,293. Stating the superintendent’s salary is $130,000 is untrue. The levy is not needed to fund excessive benefits for the superintendent. The levy’s purpose is to retain two middle school teachers, a high school foreign language teacher, and for general supply and maintenance expenses. It’s for the children!

Insinuation that reduced enrollment is related to quality of education at FCS is unfounded. Enrollment skyrocketed during the 90s real estate boom, and we battled to adjust for unprecedented growth. Recently, a more moderate population base has emerged.

We have simply grown weary of Mr. Paris’ attempts to disparage our community and his insulting remarks about our students and alumni. Our graduates excel in college with the assistance of substantial academic and athletic scholarships. FCS only reports scholarships a student accepts. Many schools report every scholarship offered. Private school students have access to endowments and other scholarship opportunities exclusive to their religious denomination. It’s apples and oranges.

FCS is a fine school and the heart of our community. We must continue to improve as needed and maintain the facilities and traditions built through generations. Support your school. Support your community.

Angie McCullough


2 Responses to Support for Florence levy
  1. Richard Paris
    May 3, 2012 | 5:15 am

    Ms. McCullough can only yell and scream and present nothing factual! I have posted facts and all I hear from the deceivers is ” We need to do it for the kids sake” We need to trust. The school needs more money. Ms. McCullough Mr. McGee salary 2 years ago was $88,900.00 plus his 3% raise, per year in 2010 plus full medical and all reimbursements. You seem to neglect as usual the facts that according to OPI we only need a super/principal and another principal. I’m sure you won’t acknowledge this but here’s the policy : ACCREDITATION 10.55.706 10.55.705 ADMINISTRATIVE PERSONNEL: ASSIGNMENT OF SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS/PRINCIPALS (1) School districts shall employ appropriately endorsed school administrators/principals as follows:
    (a) for schools in third class elementary districts without a licensed administrator under contract, a supervising teacher and county superintendent will be accepted in satisfaction of administrator requirements for up to eight full-time equivalent (FTE) licensed staff;
    (b) for schools in districts with an assigned licensed administrator under contract, the following staffing requirements shall apply:
    (i) .5 FTE principal for schools with more than eight and less than 18 FTE licensed staff. A district may satisfy the FTE requirements of this subsection for a school under this circumstance by prorating the assignment of building administrators in other buildings of the district, so long as the number of licensed FTE staff for whom each administrator is responsible is not more than 29 and so long as the number of students for whom each administrator is responsible is not more than 550;
    (ii) one FTE principal for schools with 18-29 FTE licensed staff or 250-550 students;
    (iii) two FTE administrators/principals for schools with 551-1050 students;
    (iv) three FTE administrators/principals for schools with 1051-1550 students;
    (v) four FTE administrators/principals for schools with 1551-2050 students;

    Now I know it’s real hard for you and some of your small minded cronies but in Article (iii) read it if you can!
    two FTE administrators/principals for schools with 551-1050 students; Do you understand the number “2”
    Even if McGee made only $70,000 per year and another administrator- principal made $70,000 per year, add in 2 non certified assistants at $30,000 per year and there is $200,000.00 annually! Sorry if you can’t add, I did it for you!

    I love Florence and it’s people like you whom because of your blindness are taking away from the students and killing this community. Unlike you many people work hard for a living and want the best for what they can provide! I would be more than happy to vote yes for a mill levy, when we have transparency and …

  2. Joyce Schroeder
    May 2, 2012 | 11:39 pm

    Excellent letter Mrs. McCullough. I am so glad to finally see the truth presented.

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