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Support for Florence levy


Why should I vote for the school levy? My kids are grown and gone!

The public school system is an integral part of this country. It was established to promote an educated electorate. Responsibility for providing that education is up to all of us, not just those with children or grandchildren in school now. Someone paid for you, and someone paid for your children, to have an opportunity for an education.

This is not a vote for or against the actions of individuals. This is not a vote to show that you agree or disagree with the way money is budgeted or spent in this district. This is a vote to show that we support the children of our community and their needs. This is a vote to decide whether current class sizes will increase, programs are eliminated and maintenance completed.

As a retired teacher, I cannot stress enough the importance of smaller class sizes in middle school as well as primary grades. Individual attention at these times is critical. Small class size makes it possible for teachers to give students that attention. Florence Carlton School presents an opportunity for children to receive a high quality education which will prepare them for whatever they choose to do after high school, whether they pursue additional education or decide to enter the work force. It is not a one size fits all learning environment, and students are considered individuals with individual choices and plans for the future.

I am writing to ask voters who do not currently have children in school to vote YES in the Florence Carlton School levy on May 8.

The cost of a YES vote is one trip to town a month. Surely, our community is worth that investment.

Joyce Schroeder


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