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Support for Corvallis levy


Corvallis School District voters have an opportunity to prevent a staggering $190,000 funding blow to the district’s tradition of quality education by approving a levy to support the school on May 8. The looming reduction harms the best interests of all the citizens of our valley, whether they have  children or not, whether they’re retired, unemployed or working. A vote for the Corvallis levy on May 8 would continue the current level of school taxes and would not raise taxes on a single property in the school district by a single penny, due to the retirement of an equivalent debt service levy. Details are in the school website at

One board member said recently that any new reductions will now cut into the ”muscle and bone” of the school programs. The May 8 levy will help prevent a significant increase in class size and the loss of essential experienced teachers.

A few days ago, Rob O’Brian, President of the Joplin, MO Chamber of Commerce said that, “Having an educated, skilled workforce is the No. 1 item examined by companies seeking a new location.” (The Joplin Globe, April, 2012). Nelson Personnel, Inc. of Missoula stated (April, 2012) that “employee candidates, who have not had the boost of advanced technical aids and high performing teachers suffer a serious disadvantage in the job market.” Staci Schiller, Communications Specialist with Wells Fargo, said that her company depends on a well-educated local workforce for success (April, 2012).

The entire community will benefit by providing the children of Corvallis with the best possible chance for success. Though school budget problems persist, a “yes” vote on May 8 will help secure that opportunity for our children and the community at no additional cost to anyone.

Gil and Deb Gale


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