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I’ve watched a Jon Tester political advertisement on my TV. Senator Tester is explaining how a veteran told him he was having a hard time getting to his medical treatment center as he was only getting 11 cents a mile for his travel. Apparently he was not able to afford the cost of travel to receive his medical treatment with the price of gas running near $4.00 a gallon. Senator Tester explains how he improved the milage amount to more than 40 cents a mile and solved the veteran’s problem.
It again brings to mind that our county commissioners are receiving 55 cents a mile for driving to their Hamilton office and from their Hamilton office to their home each day that they work. It does seem a little strange that our veteran’s needing medical service only get a little more than 40 cents a mile while our county commissioners receive 55 cents a mile for driving to and from the office where they work.
It is difficult to understand the discrepancy. When as far as I have been able to tell, none of the commissioners have even been shot at, let alone injured. It must be that being an elected Ravalli County Commissioner is more dangerous than serving in the armed forces in our several peace keeping wars.
John Robinson


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