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Re: Agenda 21


I am responding to the person who said that Agenda 21 “is good politics.” Interesting! I am all for sustainability and clean water and recycling! I believe it is the right thing to do for our planet, our self, and our community. As individuals do the right thing, everything gets better. I voluntarily make these life choices and choose to leave the world a better place.

Agenda 21 dictates to you and all the rest of us what you get permission to do! Who put them in charge? I did not! Mandates and dictates are force, coercion and tyranny. This is NOT good politics. What happens, Ms. Jameson and everyone else, when someone dictates that you must leave this valley because they want it to go back to nature and wildlife, untouched by you and me? Will you go?

I find it interesting that people are fine with dictators until they come for them. I am seeing the overall feeling of Agenda 21 as a complicated micro-management of the people as if we cannot rule ourselves well. There will always be those who choose poorly until they learn from their mistakes. We all make mistakes and hopefully learn the lesson. When natural incentives teach us, we learn to do better. When the government sets up rules and regulations of the people, we never learn because we never have to pay the consequences.

Land-use planning and management does not solve the problems we face. Your everyday decisions do! What’s funny is that you seem to think that you need someone else to bully the rest of us into submission to what you value. Force is a win-lose situation. A win-win situation would be more like you actually doing what you value, educating your friends and growing awareness and being a great example! I love to emulate someone who is doing a good thing! That is how I got into recycling.

Do you really want someone who you “think” is promoting your values to determine and dictate how you should live your life? Agenda 21, 10.7. says, “(c) Establish a general framework for land-use and physical planning within which specialized and more detailed sectoral plans (e.g., for protected areas, agriculture, forests, human settlements, rural development) can be developed; establish intersectoral consultative bodies to streamline project planning and implementation.” What if that someone tells your “human settlement” you must vacate to where they determine best for you and the planet (I mean, best for them)?

Agenda 21 promotes data collection on people and land so they can make dictates for you. They also have a plan for enforcement. Do you want someone forcing you do those things you value? Personally, I wish to do those things of my own free will. I understand that some do not choose the good, but that does not make it right to force them. The end does NOT justify the means.

Chris Martin


3 Responses to Re: Agenda 21
  1. lloyd l jones-
    May 2, 2012 | 6:06 pm

    Mr. Williams is correct, in that agenda 21 has not been ratified in congres, but be aware that is introduced regulsrly, originally by Nancy Pelosi in 1992. reference Pelosi-agenda 21-1992 Google. You can watch her on tape make the presentation. I have a record of a speech made by Ahmed Djoglaf, secretary general of the United Nations Environmental Program, in which he states that he can’t figure out why the U S doesn’t ratify the treaty on biodiversity, (agenda 21) because we are already accomplishing their objectives.
    This is being carried out in Lemhi County, Idaho, by the partnering of all of our branches of govt. with Non Governmental Organizations (N G O’s), through and including State and Fed, such as Bureau of Land Management, U S Forest Service, et al.
    I would suggest you google up The Sonoran Institute, The Brainerd Foundation, The Friends of the Bitterroot, and anyone of the 20 or 30 green groups working both sides of the mountain. Have a look at the Y2Y project, Crown of the Continent, and the Wildlands Project and their financial and philosophical supporters to see what is going on. Go to their own sites, see what their mission statements say, and where their grants go to and where they come from. It is very easy to correlate those efforts with the information found within the Global Biodiversity Assessment,(G B A0 the 1140 page document that provides the guidelines for the United Nations Environmental Program.(U N E P) The serious researcher should a copy of the G B A to find out where this stuff comes from, whether you are pro or con 21. You will find that agenda 21 is not such an innocuous, harmless document as some believe.
    Mr. Martin, prepare to be villified as everything from an environmental abuser, hater of the earth, and face lots of ridicule. That is the only way that the liberal left knows how to debate anything that you can prove by hard data. The G B A can be found online, along with a surprising list of “unsustainables,” brought to you by the same folks that coined the phrases, “sustainable development and smart growth.” the G B A is a current document, printed in 1995, as commissioned by U N E P. Remember, when you step into the arena of public opinion, it is ike any other arena, in that you are likely to get something nasty on your boots.
    Stick with the facts and the liberals can only make themselves look foolish. Lloyd Jones

  2. seeker1956
    May 2, 2012 | 5:49 pm

    You are right, Rod. Agenda 21 was a UN report suggesting how developing countries might want to grow. Many developing countries have very little land on which to raise food to feed their population. Agenda 21 encourages these countries to maximize use of agricultural land by putting cities elsewhere. Period. It is not an attempt to concentrate us in cities so the New World Order can dominate us but rather an attempt to enable developing countries to better feed themselves.

  3. Rod Williams
    May 2, 2012 | 12:28 am

    Agenda 21 dictates nothing. It is a report. It has no force in law. It is not a treaty that has been ratified by the US Congress. This is hysteria being spread by the John Birch Society and other wing nuts.

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