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You’re in charge of your freedom

It is interesting to me that politics takes so much time and energy during election time. Is it really our duty to vote? Is it really making you feel like you have done your good deed or contributed towards a better, freer nation? How successful have you been? Is life that much better than when you were younger?

It matters not who is in office, the staff members run the show and know more than your man or woman in DC or MT. It matters not who is in office, the political machine tells them what to do. You are the one who is responsible for doing the right thing today and every day. You matter more than they ever could! You have power, unimaginable power and potential to change the world by every little or big decision you make every day.

Where you spend your money is a vote for a specific product or store. Where you spend your time and energy is a vote for what you value and hold dear to you. Where you focus your attention is a vote for that image. These things matter to your community and nation! You are really the one in charge. As we all realize our own power and responsibility to ourselves, our family and our community, then we will see a freer, more peaceful and prosperous home and country.

Whether you are free or enslaved is your choice. Whether you are at peace with others or at war is your choice. Whether you are poor or rich is your choice. Just because someone comes along and says you are under their jurisdiction, do you believe them? Just because the teacher says you are bad, do you believe them? Just because the media says that we need politicians, do you believe them? I have some swampland in FL to sell you. You need to purchase it because I believe it is good for you.

When will you VOTE for the right beliefs by acting upon truths? How can a government that is built upon the idea, Thou shalt steal from the workers, be a good thing to focus our attention on? Why not build a better world by all of your powerful daily decisions? Live free!

Chris Martin


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