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Obama has communist support


Obama has been endorsed yet again by the Communist Party USA. FYI, the Democratic Party stole the entire CPUSA platform during Bill and Hillary Clinton’s ascendancy and re-branded it as “progressive,” claimed it as their own. Hillary Clinton even declared she was a proud Progressive during her run during the 2008 Democratic primary.

The international Communist Party promulgates that central government ownership of private and financial industries, the redistribution of wealth, and rationed healthcare are among the glorious CPUSA objectives, as is the Democratic Party’s.

The Democratic platform of 2010, almost line-for-line, reiterates the CPUSA platform of 1963, while the rhetoric occasionally varies, the underlying policies are nearly identical.

If the public could continue to be blinded from the hidden fact that the Democrats’ ideas of centralized government control originated from the CPUSA mission statement, the CPUSA believes that they could have even more high-paying jobs in the Obama administration. But that darned Tea Party is now a player and they must feel their glorious goal slipping out of their hands.

The historically inevitable “convergence of opposites” – a philosophical concept outlined by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels –  was reiterated by the Democrats’ star speaker – Comrade Van Jones (behind the OWS squatter tactics) at the California Democratic convention in San Diego and as reported in the San Francisco Chronicle in February, whereby the American public finally catches up with the glorious promises of communism.

There are minor differences between the CPUSA and the Democrats; however, I’m sure they will continue to work together to prepare Americans for the final march, in well-organized and neat columns, towards our radiant progressive future.

That is, until we replace them in November.

Mike Rendel


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