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No Obama for me!


The claim from Van Keele that Obama has created about 3.5 million private sector jobs in less than two years is complete fiction. All of this stimulus money has only gone to fund government employees, unions, teachers and government projects. What about the private sector? Obama’s actions have created nothing but political payouts to unions and debt.

The role of government in the economy is to establish conditions under which the economy can grow. That must begin with tax reductions and serious cutbacks in government spending on all levels.

Fifty percent of the people in this country pay zero tax and get government handouts. Long ago we should have known that the constant transfer of resources from the productive to the unproductive must eventually tip the ship. The U.S. national debt now exceeds $17 trillion, and the U.S. government keeps piling it on.

Kicking Obama, Pelosi and Reid out of office in November … now there is a shovel ready project.

Wolfgang Kuhn


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