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Conservation is non-partisan


The latest nonsense from the Tea Party about protection of the environment and all god’s creatures that Noah saved being a communist conspiracy confirms my suspicion that they have fallen down Alice’s rabbit hole where nothing is as it seems to be and are having tea with the Red Queen. ‘Fan their heads!’ the Red Queen anxiously interrupted. ‘They’ll be feverish after so much thinking.’

I don’t suppose it would do any good to announce that, as somebody sincerely concerned about environmental degradation, I did not get that memo from the commies. Conservation is non-partisan today, even if conservation used to be considered conservative.

Protecting our shared environment protects the health and well-being of all of us. I suppose the fact that a global clean atmosphere shared by all in common without payment or profits to ‘capitalist’ corporations could be problematic for the T Party faithful. I suggest the T Party faithful hold their breath to protect their ideological purity and not be contaminated by that global public trust held in common for the good of all. This would also avoid the common side-effect that oxygen to the brain can bring on, clear thinking… possibly leading to loss of Party faith.

Larry Campbell


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