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Christian first


Wow! Remember when the Pilgrims came to America?? Let’s see… Oh yeah, it was so that the freedom of Christians could be practiced. Strange, there wasn’t an Atheist, Moslem, Hindu, Buddhist, no not anyone but Christians on that boat coming to practice freedom of Christianity.

Christianity was practiced by our forefathers, reflected in the constitution, and the other documents drafted by them which in recent years has been made to appear to represent differently the purposes set forth in the national documents. Shame on us.

Now, let us agree, it is with an open mind and heart, we all can practice the religions of our choice. Isn’t God wonderful to let us choose our own fate?!

Christians are taught by example, Jesus gave his life, He took the blame for our anger, and wickedness. Jesus agreed with His Father God to be punished in the place of all of us if we were ready to acknowledge and accept this sacrifice. Some of us are just too prideful to admit we have done things wrong, so we ignore Him, the Son of the Only True God.

“Taught by example” that means we too, are required to Love even those who spitefully use us. So, most of us do that.

Jesus said “Come to me all who are weary and heavy laden and I shall give you rest. ”

The Spirit of the Statue of Liberty seems to be the same Christian spirit by the poem inscribed on the pedestal “Give me your tired your poor your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

Welcome! All of you who are of a different belief! Though no one wants to offend you, neither do we Christians want to be offended. Though, I must say it was really offensive when with your Jihad you plowed into our Twin Towers in an effort to destroy us. It was also offensive when our Capital was targeted, and the Pentagon was attacked. Of course, there are those who are “peaceful” no matter what their Bible says they are to do to those who are not of their own faith. That their bible says that, makes us a bit uneasy though.

No problem with Buddhists who bow down to graven images in prayer. Just don’t feel offended when we as Christians pray to the Living God, whether it be in our prayer chambers or where other Christians might be serving our nation.

Atheists, you be you and serve whatever you serve. I certainly hope happiness and peace upon you, we won’t change you, so don’t try to change us.

Hindus, if you want to worship cattle, please do that, that’s your privilege, bring your cattle to America with you. Please don’t feel offended when we worship Jesus and we go with Him.

Let’s still invite those who are poor and heavy laden, let us still treat others in the Christian manner of love, which is what brought so many to our nation. A welcoming nation was not one that expected those they welcome to spitefully use us and try to change us. Let us pursue happiness as is spoken, with freedom, and love, in all things let us be Americans who honor each other, and want freedom for all.

Earla Johnson


3 Responses to Christian first
  1. Sara
    April 27, 2012 | 7:49 am

    Despite the fact that God is not directly mentioned in the U.S. Constitution, it must be remembered that God is not anywhere mentioned in the Book of Esther in the Old Testament. Jesus is also not mentioned, nor the Holy Spirit, nor any reference to the Godhead. Yet, we see God’s divine hand of providence working behind the scenes. We may not see the name of God in the U.S. Constitution, but we see the hand of God.

    In reality, God is found throughout the U.S. Constitution, for the very basis of justice and freedom begins with a morally perfect God. Any attempt to separate God from a desire for justice and freedom is the height of ingratitude and ignorance. History has proven that atheism and evolution were the demonic ideologies behind brutal Communism. The common allegation that most of the wars throughout history were fought over religion, does not take into consideration the fact that most religions are FALSE RELIGIONS. Some people blame God for everything. The God of the Bible is a fair and a just God. The Bible is brutally honest, and some people have a hard time coping with that. War has always been a fact of life, which any decent person would have to abhor; but it is a fact of this sinful world nonetheless (1st John 5:19).

    Since Adam and Eve, mankind has been entangled in a struggle between the powers of good and evil. We ought to thank God for every bastion of faith in God remaining in America; for when faith is gone so is our nation. Does the U.S. Constitution allow for faith in God in government? That’s like asking if owning a car entitles you to put gas into the tank. The car was designed to run on gas. Likewise, our justice and freedom was designed to run on faith in God. Without the car there is no reason for the gas. And without faith in God there is no reason for law and justice, which is why America is so messed up today!

  2. Howard
    April 11, 2012 | 7:31 pm

    I guess that’s why our deeply religious, Christian founding fathers made so many references to God and Christianity in the U.S. Constitution. Actually, if you read the Constitution there are zero mentions of God or Christ or Christianity. This was not an oversight. The founding fathers were extremely skeptical of organized religion and were aware of how essentially every government prior to ours had used religion to manipulate, suppress and oppress its citizens. Christian extremism is just as bad as the Islamic extremism that led the terrorists to attack us on 9/11.

  3. Omar the Thiiird
    April 11, 2012 | 5:09 pm

    Ms Johnson.
    Thank you, thank you! As a 3rd generation Montanan and descendant of relatives that stepped on these bountiful shores of America in 1847, I am humbled and gratified that you accept me and my families religion and allow us to live peacefully amongst you, and your Righteous friends! I know that your christian form of love is far superior than my religions form of love, and I beseech of you to nurture those feelings as to not yield your christian wrath upon me and my like!

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