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Planning Board hears about Agenda 21

Board member resigns

By Michael Howell

With no subdivisions to deal with, Wednesday’s regularly scheduled meeting of the Ravalli County Planning Board was set to hear a presentation from Commissioner Dan Happel of Madison County about Agenda 21.

But first came the prayer.

Planning Board Chairman Jan Wisniewski opened the meeting by asking for public comment.

Shannon Plocher spoke up.

Plocher, at Wisniewski’s invitation, gave a prayer at the start of a Planning Board meeting a few weeks ago. Planning Department Manager Terry Nelson received some complaints about that and made an inquiry with the County Attorney’s Office. The response was that nothing could be found related to planning boards and prayer but if the board wanted to have a prayer his office would do further research. The Board decided instead, on a five to three vote, not to have a prayer at the beginning of its meetings, primarily because it would probably be illegal.

Plocher told the board that the Montana Constitution states that we, the people are “grateful to God” for the quiet beauty and grandeur of our mountains, the vastness of our rolling plains and so on.

“It states right there that we are grateful to God. We are a Christian nation,” said Plocher. He said it was on the money, “In God we trust.”

He said that he recognized it was a free country and people can worship as they choose.

“But you’ve got to take a look at our history,” said Plocher. “You’ve got to figure out what country you are in. We are a Christian nation, founded on Christian values. I’m not a political person. I don’t even want to be here. But I’m going to open this meeting in prayer.” Plocher proceeded to offer a prayer and ended “in the name of our precious Lord Jesus Christ.”

Then came Agenda 21.

Madison County Commissioner Dan Happel said he was involved in the liberty movement most of his life and was well informed about Agenda 21.

“A lot of people have never heard of Agenda 21,” said Happel, “but it drives 90 percent of federal legislation.” He said it is an agenda, a blueprint for the 21st Century, that involves creating a one-world government, socialist in structure and communist at heart, that will destroy our constitution and destroy the middle class, transferring America’s wealth to the Third World.

He traces the beginning of the agenda to a meeting of 35 to 40 international bankers and world leaders called the Club of Rome which met in 1968. It was here that the decision was made to use “environmentalism” as the tool to unite people worldwide and subsequently bring them under one government.

“They decided to use environmentalism as a tool to promote political ideas and agendas which otherwise would be so wildly unpopular that they would have no chance of being implemented,” said Happel.

The agenda began to be implemented through ideas of Smart Growth, zoning regulations, wilderness bills, wildlands and endangered species initiatives.

“In this way private property can be increasingly controlled and ultimately eliminated,” said Happel. He said that government agencies, especially federal government agencies, have been co-opted by the oligarchic elite that designed the agenda and are implementing it with the use of facilitators in the “public process,” a method he said was invented in Stalin’s Russia to control the people with a semblance of participation.

The agenda calls for the establishment of wilderness zones with corridors that would involve relocating most Montanans to some large city, like Seattle, where they would be housed like sardines in compact housing developments, deprived of automobiles, and basically held hostage to some job in the city. Meanwhile vast areas of land would be reclaimed for wilderness to be used by the rich oligarchy.

Happel claims the bulk of environmental legislation is a result of this agenda, including the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, Natural Grasslands Act and the Endangered Species Act. He said they are part of a plot to create wilderness corridors from the Yucatan to the Yukon, “and it all involves taking property and taking the rights away from anybody left with any property.”

Happel said it came down to whether you believe in the United Nations Charter or the Declaration of Independence. “Which side are you on?” he asked.

Happel then launched into politics, stating that RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) and turncoats had taken over the Republican Party.

“At the national level we don’t have a prayer,” he said. “At the local level we can do it. I did it.”

Planning Board Chairman Jan Wisniewski then stated that the county was paying nothing for this presentation by Commissioner Happel so he was going to pass the hat around for donations.

Several people then spoke, many of them currently running for public office.

Some pointed political remarks were made.

At one point a speaker referred to President Obama as “that critter in the Whitehouse.”

Jim Pearson, who is running for a seat on the Public Service Commission, complained about “too many stinking RINOs.”

“We’ve got control of Ravalli County right now,” said Pearson, “but we need to vote in others who are aware of Agenda 21.”

At this point Board member John Conlan made a point of order that the meeting had digressed into a political conversation.

The meeting was then adjourned.

Planning Board member John Conlan subsequently turned in his resignation to the Planning Office. Conlan serves on the Planning Board as a member of the Park Board. He hopes to remain on the Park Board.

Conlan said it was not so much the Agenda 21 presentation that pushed him to resign.

“That was on the agenda,” said Conlan. He said it was all the stuff not on the agenda that he is not willing to put with. He said the meetings had become too “politicized” and did not stick to business or proceed according to rules.

Conlan said that he was disappointed that the board chairman let the meeting be started with a prayer despite the fact that the board had voted at its previous meeting not to start with a prayer. Conlan said he was also put off by the chairman’s action in “passing the hat” to collect money at a public meeting.

Conlan also complained about how the meeting was allowed to disintegrate into a blatant partisan political discussion over which candidates best represent those concerned with the Agenda 21 movement.

He said it was obvious that some training was needed in how to set and adhere to an agenda.

“With all due respect to the current Board President, he does not yet have the skills needed to run an open public meeting,” wrote Conlan in his resignation letter. He said that in his estimation about half of the discussion at the last meeting was not related to the advertised agenda.

“I believe in good government and following the rules and procedures of the board,
 usually defined in a policy manual or by-laws,” wrote Conlan. “I cannot in good conscience participate with a group that does not adhere to these standards.”

7 Responses to Planning Board hears about Agenda 21
  1. Straight Dope
    April 3, 2012 | 12:59 am

    The Planning Board had approved up to a maximum of 15 minutes at the begining of each meeting for public comment. There were two comments given during that allowable fifteen minute period. The first was the comments and prayer by Mr. Plocher. The second was a question concerning paving regulations in Madison County. If the Planning Board is going to allow a period of public comment, then the Planning Board can’t say that a comment about roads is permissible but not a private person’s prayer for God to guide the Planning Board. It is impermissible for a government body to single out any particular subject of speech and deny it equal treatment. Mr. Plocher has the same rights to express what he believes as does someone threatening wide destruction if you allow his neighbor to build that barn or road. If the Planning Board singled out Mr. Plocher for first amendment discrimination, then that is a lawsuit the county will lose. Some may find freedom annoying, but it is truly worth such a transient cost.

  2. hillbilly
    April 2, 2012 | 12:05 am

    Any person that would find somebody suspect for objecting to a prayer at the beginning of a public meeting is suspect themselves. I’m curious, which word did god utter that belched forth the Constitution of United States? There is also information all over the internet that disputes your claims of A21 and does it very convincingly. Because I reason differently than you, does that make me a godless communist? I don’t think so. Not by a long shot. Your interpretation of Article 3, section 3 seems extremely loose. The 4 people that have been put to death by this country for treason was during war time. Are you changing the rules? Thank Vishnu you’re not in charge.

    • Silvertooth
      May 9, 2012 | 11:46 pm

      So, don’t pray. No one said you had to. But leave the people who wish to thank God for our country alone. You are far outnumbered, y’know, no matter how much you try.

  3. C. Derr
    April 1, 2012 | 7:28 pm

    Anybody who would object to a meeting being opened by a prayer is suspect. We are a christian nation with a constituition that was founded on the word of GOD. Anybody that believes that agenda 21 is just a bunch of malarky has their head buried so far in the sand that their brains have stopped functioning. These people are a part of the problem as opposed to the solution. There is imformation all over the internet on agenda 21 and all one has to do is look around at local, state and federal government to see it being implemented right under our noses. Anybody that believes that it should be implemented uninhibited is a communist living in America. Anybody that holds political office takes a oath to defend and uphold the Constituition of the United States of America. Anything less is treason punishable by death.

  4. seeker
    March 30, 2012 | 3:58 pm

    Wow. I, for one, am mortified to learn that our planning board feels that Agenda 21 is a viable enough conspiracy theory to invite a speaker in to speak about it. Is this how you make your subdivision recomendations? Based on some whack job conspiracy theory held by paranoid racists? Do you approve every subdivision, not based on groundwater data, environmental impact and traffic considerations, but based an the fact that it must be approved in order to subvert the efforts of the Agenda 21 movement to herd us into cities? Urban sprawl to defeat the New World Order plans? This is crazy, and so are those who believe it. And since when were prayers forced upon those attending these meetings. Wake up Ravalli County! These are the whack jobs who seek to control you.

    • madison63
      April 8, 2012 | 11:37 pm

      I have to agree. Wow. It’s so sad to think that there are pawns out there who truly believe that legislation like The Clean Air Act and wilderness bills, regulations that protect our health and our environment are evil. As a fifth generation Montanan – and one who spent 18 years of my life in other parts of this country, where public lands were non-existent and where there was filthy air and wall to wall people — I take issue with that. Agenda 21 is about our environment and the sustainability of our current path as human beings. Let’s see what happens when ALL of our public land is sold to the highest bidders. Let’s see what happens when we allow corporations to do what they want to do, solely for profit. Let’s see where their real concerns lie. Most of what Mr. Happel says is pure hogwash. The Club of Rome is not comprised of “International bankers”. If it were, their agenda would not be much different than what is is NOW and I think we’ve seen the results of that since 2008. The Club of Rome is a think tank comprised, yes, by some former world leaders and many, many scientists. But, don’t take my word for it. Look it up yourselves. The greatest risk this world faces right now is not the loss of our property ownership, it is the loss of our quality of life: our clean air, water, food. And, for those who purport to be such God-fearing souls, how do you think that God feels about the way we treat our planet?

  5. Punjab
    March 30, 2012 | 2:10 am

    It is oh so comforting to see Jan (pronounced ‘yawn’) doing what he does best. Ignoring public meeting laws, usurping the votes of the board, not to have a prayer before the meeting, and establishing the Planning Board as a partisan (NON RINO!) political strategy session that never should have been, and never was, part of the advanced agenda of the meeting. This is the same Yawn (and Penny!) who had the sheriffs called on him by one of our former County Commissioners for blocking said commissioners driveway with his truck trying to deliver an injunction that was not bound by the court (refused by the judge). Yes, our Yawn, self appointed sheriff of the county. The commissioners, however you might view them, have picked up a strange bedfellow with Yawn. I think they might be on the safer side to cut this guy loose, get him out of the county building. They don’t need more lawsuits. And I am telling you, after these shenanigans at the last planning board meeting, there will be challenges. Do the Commissioners really need this distraction? I would hope not, they should disband the board until there is need for them (uh, suggestions for, uh, planning subdivisions) to use them. Oh, BTW, Yawn is running for a house seat registered as a Dem. In his words “to dilute the leftist vote”. Wow. His brilliance blinds my meager intellect. Commissioners, get rid of this loose screw, he’s going to drag you down, mark my words.

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