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Wolf bounty bad idea


Has there ever been a bigger bunch of whiners than the wolf-haters of Ravalli County? Now they want to use a long-forgotten 1930s state law to force a bounty on wolves and lions. Apparently, all it takes is a petition signed by 51 percent of livestock owners, and then all livestock owners will have to contribute to the bounty—no matter how they feel about predators. Considering that the vast majority of these wolf-haters are Republicans who routinely shout for less government, isn’t trying to impose a new tax just a wee bit hypocritical?
Obviously, any wild carnivore terrifies this group of wolf-haters, but regressing to the 1930s isn’t the answer. If the regular and extended wolf hunting seasons taught us anything, it’s that the wolf “problem” was exaggerated. After all, if we truly had an overpopulation of marauding wolves, they would have been easy to shoot.
It’s time to move away from the fear and the hate. Instead, let’s move forward with logic and science. Just because a vocal group of people is afraid of furry creatures that go bump in the night, doesn’t mean the rest of us have to feel that way!
Marty Essen


One Response to Wolf bounty bad idea
  1. Jim C.
    March 31, 2012 | 10:37 pm

    I suspect most wolf-haters are also global warming deniers. They could care less about scientific evidence and natural balance. They just want to trample nature for profit and ego.

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