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Tale of two employees


This is a tale of two county employees, That I have personally witnessed ocuring at the county commissioner meetings. One is still working for the county, the other was recently fired with cause. Both in an effort to save the  county  money made a mistake that ended up costing the county money.

In case one , in the summer, during a power outage sever UPS’s failed in the server room resulting in the need to manually reboot the system and the servers being out of commission for a wile, the IT director decided  that since they where scheduled to be replaced anyway he would wait to replace them as scheduled. Come December another power outage, another  UPS failure, this time the loss of a server  and a tape  backup unit.  The IT director  immediately went into the commissioners  explained the problem with the solution and costs, admitting  his mistake. The result was that the commissioners although  upset  about the costs took no action against the employee.

In case number Two, as a result of loosing  a law suit, the county was forced to pave Upper  Woodchuck lane to the county line . The county commissioners then tasked the county road  superintendent  with paving the road as inexpensively as possible, which he proceeded to do. Come the next spring after some unusually  heavy rains  it became apparent to  landowner in the area that some needed culverts had been left out and some shortcuts in compacting the road way  had been made, and the so informed the county in writing.

This is where the stories diverge, instead  of coming clean and admitting to the commissioners  that  mistakes had been made and offering a remediation plan, the road superintendent tried to conceal  theses mistakes from the county commissioners, not just once but at several meetings generated buy several more letters form the land owners. In fact the commissioners where forced to take matters into there own hands and order the road superintend to make repairs after a threatened law suit by the landowners. This forced the commissioners  to begin an investigation into what happened, the result of this investigation  was that the road superintendent  was fired with cause after a hearing before the county commissioner . Why?

Because the county  commissioners can no longer  trust the road superintendent  to make truthful reports to them as a result of his actions in this case.

In conclusion,  through  the above actions it is clear that the commissioners have sent a message to all county employees. Make a mistake, come clean, and the mistake can be forgiven, but covering it up will not be forgiven , all they expect from their employees is honesty and integrity. And they will deal with honesty and integrity  with you. These are the type of employers that I‘d to have but are hard to find.

William Menager



Editor’s Note: The above letter is printed exactly as submitted. Headline provided by Bitterroot Star.

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