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$133.00 lesson


My wife and I decided we needed a new 30″ gas cooktop for our kitchen. Since it originally came from Sears, we went to our “local” Sears store looking for a replacement. Based on the information we received at the store, we could tell it would fit in the existing cutout in the counter top. So, we made the purchase. We picked up the item at the store (no delivery/installation) about 5 days later. We planned on having it installed by a local craftsman. However, after reading the complete installation instructions, it became clear that the unit would not meet the minimum side clearances with our existing cabinetry. With no desire to start a complete kitchen remodeling job, I took the unit back to the store for a refund. This is when things got interesting. I was informed by the store owner/manager that we would be charged a 15% cancellation/restocking fee on the full price of the returned item. I was shocked. She pointed out that this verbiage was on the original receipt. Sure enough, there it was, although not discussed during the original purchase. I countered that the verbiage stated “items MAY be subject to the charge.” She replied that the charge would apply or her district manager would not be happy. I stated that I would not be happy if the charge was applied, but do what you have to do. She applied the charge. So, we were charged $133.00 for hauling a large, heavy box from the Sears Store to our house and back.

Were we partially at fault for this unfortunate situation? Yes, because we failed to ask about the side clearances. Were we asked about the side clearances when we made the purchase? No. Will we go back to the “local” Sears Store to replace our other appliances that originally came from Sears 17 years ago when we moved here and are now in need of updating? No. Have we learned our lesson? Yes, $133.00 worth.

Jim Van Sickle


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