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Wrestling round up


Corvallis’ Caleb Caicedo gets ready to make his next move against Hamilton’s Austin Gasdwint at the Hamilton mixer on Thursday. Caicedo won with a pin at the 1:25 mark. Jean Schurman photo

The Jug Beck Rocky Mountain Classic tournament was held at Sentinel High School over the weekend. The event is one of the largest tournaments in the Northwest with teams from Montana, Idaho and Washington competing. Great Falls High won the team scoring with 222 points. Mead High School from Spokane was second with 215, followed by Glacier with 179, Havre with 152 and Corvallis with 148 points. There were 30 teams in all.

Corvallis had several wrestlers place in the championship rounds. Travis Davis finished second at 140 pounds. He was pinned by Cole Mendenhall of Great Falls High. Tyler Olsen was pinned by AJ Konda of Coeur d’Alene and finished fourth at 114 pounds. James DuBose lost a 5-4 decision to Blake Beard of Central Valley at 119 pounds and finished fourth. Other fourth place finishers were Devan Williams who lost to Jim Malone of Lewistown at 145 pounds, Quincy Jessop who lost to Nate Partenfelder of Lake City on a 7-0 decision at 152, and Riley Nagel who lost a 6-3 decision to Kameron Pribyl of Havre at 160 pounds in what could be a preview of the state championship at that weight.

Hamilton’s Forest Fortney lost to Lane Armstrong of Glacier at 189 pounds and finished sixth.

Hamilton held a mixer on Thursday night with teams from Hamilton, Corvallis, Anaconda and Butte Central competing. A complete list of the winners from this event is posted on our website at


Winner is Underlined


Mat 1

Round 1

98 Devin Day (C)      vs     Trey Smollak (A)                                      Fall 3:40
112 Tyler Olsen (C)  vs.  Coltin Cox  (H)                                                      Fall 1:15
119 James DuBose (C)  vs.  Aiden Thread (A)                                    Fall 3-27
125 Tim Allsop (C)     vs.   Matt Bowdish (A)                                    8-4
125 Robert Few (H)   vs  Kevin Fogel (C)                                    Fall 4:51
130 Justin DuBose (C)  vs. Mason Mavrinac (A)                                    Fall 3:42
140 Riley Jessop (C) vs. Andrew Crum (A)                                    8-1

145 Brady Morey (H) vs. Devan Williams (C)                                    Fall 3:59
145 Wyatt Jessop (C) vs. Northey Tretheway (B)                  Fall :56
160 James McCormick (H) vs. Joe Joyce (B)                                    15-5
171 Michael Bumgarner (H)vs Jacade Owings (C)                  Fall 3:10
171 Philip Whitney (H) vs. Shelby Gifford (C)                                    6-5
189 Monty Jessop (C) vs. Mike Wigert (A)                                    Fall 5:56
215 Bryce Wigert (A) vs. Cordell Lott (C)                                    22-8

Mat 2

Round 1

98 Paul Allsop (C)    vs    Clay Stillwagon (B)                                    Fall :37
105 Josh Venema (C) vs.  Bryce Noctor (B)                                    Fall :56
112 Gunnar Fairbrother (C)vs Jake McCarthey (A)                  8-2
112 Donivan Williams (C) vs Thomas Moore (C)                  Fall 5:44
125 Kyle Lubke (H)    vs.    Zach Hart (B)                                    Fall 1:19
130 Caleb Caicedo (C)  vs  Austin Gasdwint (H)                                    Fall 1:25
135 Kenny Thomas (C)  vs. Jarod Arneson (A)                                    Fall 1:55
140 Wyatt Lott (C)   vs. Nick Beattie (A)                                    8-2
140 Baylee Burt (C) vs. Matthew Scholler (A)                                    Fall 2:51
145 Morley Jessop (C) vs. Nick Olsen (A)                                    Fall 3:05
152 Landen Faulk (H) vs. Quincy Jessop (C)                                    9-0
160 Zach Tompkins (H) vs. Riley Nagel (C)                                    Fall 1:24
189 Forest Fortney (H) vs. Ross Boggs (A)                                    Fall 1:11
215 James Weidow (C) vs Zach Brown (H)                                    Fall :37
105 Chase Connors (C) vs Bryce Noctor (B)                        Fall 3:53

Mat 1

Round 2

98 Devin Day (C)     vs    Clay Stillwagon (B)                                    Fall 1:24
112 Tyler Olsen (C)   vs.  Thomas Moore (A)                                    Fall 1:08
125 Tim Allsop (C)  vs. Zach Hart (B)                                                      Fall 1:34
125 Kevin Fogel (C) vs. Matt Bowdish (A)                                    Fall 4:52

130 Kyle Lubke (H)  vs.  Justin DuBose (C)                                    Fall 3:07
130 Austin Gaswint (H) vs. Barret Delamater (C)                  Fall 2:40
135 Jarod Arneson (A)  vs.  Riley Jessop (C)                                    Fall 5:26
145 Devan Williams vs. Northey Tretheway (B)                  Fall 1:10
152 Landen Faulk (H) vs. Morley Jessop (A)                                    13-7
152Donald Thomas (H) vs. Dylan Flack (A)                                    Fall 1:27
189 Philip Whitney (H) vs. Ross Boggs (A)                                    15-7
189 Mike Wigert (A) vs. Forest Fortney (H)                                    Fall 1:58

Mat 2

Round 2

98 Paul Allsop (C)    vs    Bryce Noctor (B)                                    12-3

105 Chace Connors (C)  vs.  Trey Smollack (A) Fall 1:32

112 Coltin Cox (H)   vs.   Gunnar Fairbrother (C) 5-0

112 Donivan Williams (C) vs. Jake McCarthey (A)                  Fall 1:28
125 Robert Few  (H)  vs. Aiden Thread (A)                                    5-0
140 Kenny Thomas (C)   vs Nick Beattie (A)                                    11-5
140 Wyatt Lott (C) vs. Andrew Crum (A)                                    Fall 1:26
145 Brady Morey (H) vs. Nick Olsen (A)                                    Fall :52
160 Zach Tompkins (H) vs. Joe Joyce (B)                                    14-4
160 James McCormick (H) vs. Sam Burdette (C)                  8-7
171 Michael Bumgarner(H) vs. Shelby Gifford(C)                  Fall 2:51
189 Tyler Scheffer (H) vs. Monty Jessop (C)                                    Fall 5:19
215 James Weidow (C) vs. Bryce Wigert (A)                                    7-9

140 Tucker Jessop (C) vs. Mathew Schooler (A)            Fall :52

Mat 1

Round 3

98 Trey Smollack (A)     vs Bryce Noctor (B)                                    Fall 5:05
112 Tyler Olsen (C)  vs.  Jake McCarthey (A)                                    Fall 2:39
125 Tim Allsop (C)  vs. Kyle Lubke (H)                                                      Fall 5:29
125 James DuBose (C) vs.  Matt Bowdish (A)                                    Fall 8-2
130 Mason Mavrinac(A) vs. Barret Delamater(C)                  Fall :24
135 Baylee Burt (C)    vs. Matthew Schooler (A)                  Fall 3:13
145 Brady Morey (H) vs. Northey Tretheway (B)                  Fall :52
152 Wyatt Jessop (C) vs. Donald Thomas (H)                                    Fall 2:40
152 Quincy Jessop (C) vs. Dylan Flack (A)                                    Fall 1:43
189 Monty Jessop (C) vs Ross Boggs (A)                                    7-3
171 James MCCormick (H) vs. Jacade Owings (C)            Fall 3:11

Mat 2

Round 3
112 Josh Venema (C)   vs    Thomas Moore (A)                                    Fall 5:01
125 Kevin Fogel (C)  vs.  Zach Hart (B)                                                      Fall 5:09
130 Justin DuBose vs. Austin Gaswint (H)                                    Fall :52
135 Wyatt Lott (C) vs. Jarod Arneson (A)                                    13-4
140 Tucker Jessop (C) vs. Andrew Crum (A)                                    3-2
140 Riley Jessop (C)  vs. Nick Beattie (A)                                    Fall 3:22
152Landen Faulk (H) vs. Devan Williams (C)                                    Fall 1:35
160 Riley Nagel (C) vs. Joe Joyce (B)                                                      Fall 1:28
160 Zach Tompkins (H) vs. Sam Burdette (C)                                    Fall 5:26
171 Tyler Scheffer (H) vs. Shelby Gifford (C)                                    Fall 1:38
215 Zach Brown (H) vs. Bryce Wigert (A)





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