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We don’t need another bad driver


George was a bad driver. His buddy Mitt drives the same way–recklessly. So you can imagine everyone’s surprise when Mitt mysteriously blamed the big-eared tow truck operator for George’s careless crash of his F-150 into a deep ditch. Hopelessly stuck in the muck, Mitt insisted on taking over the wheel and descending deeper, ever ditch deeper, even though the funny-named tow man was skillfully extracting the pickup and the two nincompoops.
And so it is with George W. Bush and Willard “Mitt” Romney. George drove us into a very deep, nasty economic ditch. How? Because George believed in reckless, wrongheaded economic and foreign policies. He wasted trillions, charged on our AAA credit card, on tax cuts for the superrich and a mistaken, unforgivable war in Iraq. He smothered us in the Great Recession and buried us in debt.
Our skillful skinny tow truck driver, President Obama, is pulling us out of the ditch. It’s slow and painful, but we’re gaining traction, having created over 3 million private-sector jobs in the last 22 months. We’re halfway out of the economic ditch and completely out of Iraq. That’s progress.
Meanwhile Mitt believes in doubling down on George’s bad policies, driving us back into the ditch we’re now clearing. Only this time the ditch will be an economic abyss with no chance of return to bright horizons. Mitt wants us back into Iraq. He wants even bigger tax cuts for the richest and the biggest corporations. He wants to privatize Social Security and Medicare. He wants to gut clean air and water regulations, so you better have great health insurance…if you can afford insurance under “Pink Slip” Mitt.
Mitt wants to be just like George. Don’t let Mitt take over the wheel. It’ll be one ditch too many, another ditch too deep.
Doris Adam

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  1. Matthew Bowman
    January 21, 2012 | 4:53 pm


    I believe some of what you have written is skewed to the left, however, you forgot to mention that the cost of your tow truck driver will be borne by your grandchildren. 3 million new jobs?? All union, how many lost jobs. If you put information to the public do your homework and give out “all the facts”

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