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Willing victims


Chinese sages long ago observed that there was a Supreme Principle of Order in the universe. They called it the Tao – the Way the world works. Characteristically, Nature is cyclic – “what goes around, comes around.” The pendulum of Nature swings first one way, then the other. That’s the reason why periods of great social discipline (1930-1945) are followed by periods of great social permissiveness (1946-2000). Here in America Nature’s pendulum is swinging back toward social discipline – our newborn Tea Party is evidence of that.

The problem is that while immersed in our roughly sixty year permissive partying, “the forces of darkness” (a gentleman in Stevensville likes to use that term in reference to social conservatives, I’m using it in reference to homosexuals) got loose in the land. In our permissive slumber we allowed America to suffer great damage – so much so, in fact, that those doing the damage began to suffer some anxiety in respect of our guns.

What happened? Before answering that, let me say that in human affairs involving either money or power – the one herein under consideration involves power – since violence is not an option for defeating truth in the US, that leaves only intentional deception or guile of some kind as the way to overcome truth. We only force people to tell the truth while they are under oath in a court of some kind – outside the courtroom just about anything goes. Homosexuals – particularly, closet-homosexuals – are very skillful in defeating public perceptions.

While in our permissive slumber we allowed many socially-bad things to happen (drug-use, etc.); however, three in particular have proven almost-fatal to the old America we took for granted.

First: Homosexuals invaded our national media in number, until they became the predominant influence. (Fox News is now the only real opposition to the homosexual “spin”.) Second: At the same time while hijacking our mainstream media, gays hijacked the Democratic Party – they “bought” it in 1954, the year the California McCarthy Hearings ended; the year we elected our 40-year-long Democratic congressional majority; and the year that just about every American household had a television set in its living-room. Third: Homosexuals hijacked America’s educational system – in particular, various of our state universities – they have become anti-business, taxpayer-subsidized gay support groups that serve as headquarters and homebase for the homosexual agenda.

Culture is learned (conditioned) behavior; we learn most of it while in school. Now if you control a culture, then you control people’s behavior – nay, you exercise control over their lives. For years American businessmen not only subsidized education but also exercised a dominant influence in domestic and foreign policy – they controlled our culture. Homosexuals wanted to strip Business of its power and thereby take control of our culture.

Insofar as all wealth ultimately comes from the land (physical environment) to destroy the power and control of Business you need only take away the source of Business’ wealth – unobstructed use of the environment. No more mining, no more oil-drilling, no more timber-cutting, no more chemicals, etc. – all of these anti-business items were intended to break Business’ power and at the same time empower homosexuals. The punitive, restrictive environmental legislation written and enacted into law by the Democratic Party not only broke Business’ power but also put millions of us under the control of lack of money or of poverty and misery – Democrats basically put our future and America’s future in the hands of some homosexual environmentalists.

Very clearly, the Environmental Movement (the old Counterculture Rebellion) is simply an anti-business movement intended to empower gays. Environmentalists preaching the gospel of “clean air”, “clean water” “etc.” is a beguiling and easy way to defeat public perceptions in respect of the direction of their behavior – namely, the acquisition of power and control.

We are all familiar with our anti-business neighbor to the north, Missoula; with our anti-business University of Montana; and with our anti-business Lee Newspapers. They collectively have “fixed” Montana. Nothing more needs to be said, here.

The cheap, mass-produced radio made Adolf Hitler a “living presence” in the living-room of just about every German household. He turned the German people into a nation of willing victims.

Television duped us. (“The serpent beguiled me.”) Television not only cost us a victory in the Vietnam War but also beguiled us into accepting a counterfeit “environmental crisis” as fact. It was a Big Lie then, and some university “authoritative experts” (mostly gay college professors) still continue to promulgate it.

The environmental laws gave rise to food banks and homeless shelters in America. Television dupery made that too, possible. I believe America’s environmental problems in respect of industry could have been handled in an entirely different way than putting millions of workers out of a living-wage job. America is paying big time now, for her treatment of the working-poor–our national debt is ruining us. (According to the Tao, there is a natural justice in the universe  -it corresponds with Christian “right”.)

Finally, Missoula’s gay anti-business tentacles extend into the Bitterroot. Not content with their anti-business control of the public lands, they are determined to exercise their anti-business power and control over private land also. That’s why all the uproar over the last election.

It’s as easy to come under the control of television as it is to come under the control of drugs or alcohol. The best way to prevent that is have the courage to make your own mistakes. Don’t let some “authoritative expert” on television make them for you.

Leon Salois


One Response to Willing victims
  1. Jed Fitzpatrick
    January 16, 2012 | 2:29 am

    Leon, your homophobia and gereral prejudice of your fellow man is disgusting. Obviously from your slanted comments you consider yourself a man of God, yet your pen drips with hatred and contempt. Sorry to inform you, but your rantings are selfish; misaligned; misinformed (watch some more Fox News); poorly organized; and massively ignorant.

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