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Old and frustrated


Dear Editor,

Every elected Congressperson or Senator must be sworn in when they take office. They pledge to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic. This oath is a solemn commitment, and to my mind takes precedence over any other pledge a person might make (excluding marriage vows).

Now there is frequent reference to another vow our elected Representatives and Senators are taking and seemingly giving preference to over the Constitution. That’s the “Grover Norquist” pledge to never raise taxes! Apparently this pledge has been taken by almost all Republicans and a few Democrats in consideration of Mr. Norquist’s donations to the politicians reelection fund. I resent the fact that some fancy pants lobbyist can exert so much influence over politicians that we elected. They cannot represent us and Grover Norquist too.

I am just a common citizen of America, old (80 in Feb) and pretty much taxed out. Three years in the Army 1951 to 1954, 9 months in Korea (August 51′ to April 52′). I sincerely believe that any elected politician that honors the Norquist pledge above the responsibility of conducting the business of government should be removed from his or her elected position. I am not suggesting a recall action which would be time consuming and expensive. I am suggesting clean out your desk today and goodbye!

Dick Owings


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