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We have hope for a change


Dear Editor,

Obama campaigned on “Hope And Change.”
Americans finally agree with him, we have hope for a change!
Intelligent, rationally thinking voters should demand a new president in November 2012!
Contrary thinking is neither intelligent nor rational, simply because we can‘t afford the spending habits of Obama or his liberal colleagues any longer!
Our country is on the verge of bankruptcy because of those spending habits. Has anyone ever heard of people, businesses, or governments going bankrupt by spending only what can be afforded? Yet, the liberal politician’s answer for our future is to raise taxes now, continue the current rate of spending, while projecting future, but laughable, spending reductions. That path is a solid prescription for bankruptcy. Washington’s conservatives will not buy into continuing down that reckless spending path. The result is a legislative stalemate. Responsible action is not accomplished!
Well, we the voters must take action to stop this stalemate and irresponsible spending! Ask yourself what must be done for our nation to prosper again before you vote in November and then vote accordingly. Politicians beholding to the theory of spending money we can’t afford will not get my vote!
In November then, rationally thinking voters can elect creative legislators who can enact legislation that will implement tax and spending reductions, job creating ideas, and fiscally responsible energy production that our country so drastically needs to “jump start“ our economy!
Jerry Haslip


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