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It got me to thinking…


Dear Editor,

I am enjoying your paper. I love the information; I always know more than when I start devouring the news. Sometimes I shake my head and sometimes I laugh. We have recently moved into the area, and I am amazed at the contention among factions and win-lose personalities. The political battles seem rather prominent in this area. Why is that? Has anyone considered the idea that the political realm with all of its “solutions” is actually an UNnecessary evil. We, the people, are totally capable on our own without the stealing of our hard earned money.

I had no idea that there was such a thing as doggie jail and doggie death row. Will the officer be charged with assaulting the dog and trespassing? Is this only in this area of the country? How about the County owning a “private” dump? Wow! Will they get fined like the rest of us would? Will they get to clean up the mess with their own personal money like we would have to; or will we, the tax slaves, have to pay for the illegal mess on the county’s property? Who gets to fine the county, us or the state? All the political/legal maze is growing and expanding to a point of absolute insanity and absurdity. What will be next? My dog bit your dog? Let’s take this to doggie court. Your tumbleweeds are blowing into my tumbleweeds on my land? Help, is there a tumbleweed court?

The political/legal system in the country is not working for any one of us except “them”, those who work in the system and make their money off of us! NOT WORKING for us, the people! The belief that government is a necessary evil is an OLD belief that should go the way of the dinosaurs. America’s founding fathers created something new. We can do better than this current state of affairs. Private enterprise and innovation, free markets and voluntary association can revitalize this community and this nation! Shall we try it? I’m game!

Chris Martin


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