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Jesus come to dinner


Come to dinner Jesus, come dine with us

We’ll share what we have and not make a fuss

You’re an honored guest like we’ve never had before

You were sent by God to be with us, we’ll not ask for more.


Come walk with us Jesus, come take our hand

Guide and protect us as we travel through every land

Surround and protect us Jesus, both day and night

We’ll be at peace and harmony walking in your glorious light.


Be within us Jesus, in the form of Spirit of Truth and love

We’ll have no worries or fear with your spirit sent from above

Your mighty presence is felt in universes and in our hearts

all at the same time

Filling our being with wisdom and direction; wanting to be a servant of thine


As you come to eat, walk and guide us within

We offer thanks and a promise to do away with sin

We want to treat you with love and servitude, as a host and best friend.

And never to waver or show weakness of faith right to the end.


Derry Kempf


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