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Setting Kimball straight


Dear Editor,

This is an open letter to Glenn Kimball in response to the accusations you made about me in the newspapers. I’m going to cover the points you raised with factual information and dispel your false statements.

First of all, I am not a member of any environmental-extremist movement seeking to discredit the commissioners. I am a member of ICAARE, an informational group researching airport issues, safety requirements, community needs and the best use of tax dollars. We worked closely with the former county commissioners and the FAA to reach a solution that this commission threw out without knowing enough information to make a sound and educated decision. On occasion, maybe four times a year, I attend meetings to listen to important issues in Ravalli County. On Tuesday, 11-8, the speaker was Terry Nelson from the planning department.

You accuse me and others of throwing daily tantrums demeaning county government. This is ridiculous and not true. Actually over the last six months I have attended about 10 commissioner meetings to speak on behalf of ICAARE, a non-partisan group and deliver accurate information in a respectful manner.

You state that I and others lie and exaggerate to manipulate public opinion. This is not true. I have never made a public statement to the commission that was not accurate and truthful. There is no issue that is worth trying to win by compromising my integrity to accomplish that result. I seek facts and details and welcome discussion from all points of view.

So, Glenn Kimball, I am requesting that you write another letter to the editor and clearly and accurately state what lie you think I told, and when and where I said it. If you can show that I have been mistaken on any issue, then I will stand corrected and take responsibility for it. But, if you can’t prove that I lied, then you stand corrected and write a letter of retraction to the papers and own the fact that, you sir, have been the one making false and libelous statements.

Phyllis Bookbinder MA, LCPC


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