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Noise without substance

Dear Editor,

The libelous daily diatribes authored by leftist activists Van P. Keele, Bill LaCroix, Lee Tickell, Phyllis Bookbinder and others are wearing on my nerves. In truth, theirs is an organized environmental-extremist movement seeking to discredit our hard-working county commissioners that the huge majority of us elected. Like spoiled children who did not get their way, this group of leftist antagonists throws daily tantrums demeaning to county government, all the while manipulating the public to believe their lies and exaggerations. They exhibit little concern for the truth, pay no attention to actual details and fail to objectively discuss real issues.

Activist Tickell maintains a website ( masquerading as a public news service, where he offers video recordings of every word publicly spoken by Ravalli County Commissioners. He and his girlfriend Maggie Wright love to be seen and to hear themselves talk on the videos, more than any other individuals caught on tape. The website appears to serve primarily as an ego trip for them both.

This small band of less than thirty individuals, who are very good community organizers for protests and sign making, claim to represent the people, yet the only people who take them seriously are themselves. They are bad sports and poor losers. They could use lessons in behaving like mature adults.

Glenn Kimball


One Response to Noise without substance
  1. lostfaithinthesystem
    November 11, 2011 | 3:28 pm

    Mr. Kimball sounds like an angry man (speaking of diatribes). He seems to imply that offering “video recordings of EVERY WORD publicly spoken by the Ravalli County Commissioners” is somehow a leftist plot. In fact, these recordings offer the public a chance to hear EXACTLY what goes on in meetings they may not be able to attend in person. In essence, the recordings protect the BOC as well, and prevent anyone from “manipulating the public to believe their lies and exaggerations.” I think Mr. Kimball is terribly dismayed that his moral, political, and personal agendas have not been able to be pushed through without question. Bad sport? Poor Loser?

    ‎”Government works best under the glare of public scrutiny. Absent such scrutiny, abuses occur.”—Stephen Hawking

    I, for one, am very grateful that we have people scrutinizing. We ALL need to pay attention!

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